Friday, May 27, 2011

Looser Ontario booze laws to take effect June 1

The Canadian Press

Promised changes to Ontario liquor laws will take effect June 1, just in time for festival and patio season.

The changes include allowing people to walk around at festivals with drinks, instead of being confined to beer tents.

Servers will be allowed to carry drinks on public sidewalks to licensed areas such as patios.

Liquor hours for weddings and charity events are being extended until 2 a.m.

As well, customers can be given a free drink if they are celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary.

The changes include stiffer penalties for liquor offences.

The province floated the idea of looser liquor laws earlier this year, and consulted with more than 40 groups about the changes.

So does this mean Johnnie Walker and Red Bull for the Lakeshore? Personally, I'd prefer a Lychee Martini :-p

Food for thought......if the new liquor laws allow for mas bands to serve alcohol on the Lakeshore this will most likely lead to an increase in the cost of costume packages......maybe bands will offer Alcohol and Non-alcohol prices......hmmm.....we shall see what develops.....


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I though everybody was already walking around Lakeshore drunk. We all know those big flasks are not filled with water!... lol
Oh well... At least now, we do it legally. The cops don't care either way. Just eat, drink your water afterwards, and don't drive drunk.

...and don't forget that sunscreen... even if it rains.

de cocoa panyol said...

LMAO....good point! And excellent advice too!!!

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