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Marshalls Needed For Carnival Nationz

CARNIVAL NATIONZ MARSHALLS NEEDEDWe are looking for people to volunteer on Caribana Saturday August 1st to help coordinate crowd control and assist security on the parade route. This allows you be in the parade, be with your family member or loved one or simply be in the Caribana atmosphere. Our meeting will be held tomorrow Friday July 31st, however please contact our supervisors first for specifics. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE.SUPERVISOR 1: JASON BLACKMAN: 647-330-7670

Feel De Vibe - Episode 3

Scarborough Ribfest 2009

I passed by Thomson Park this morning and the ribbers have started arriving. Ribfest is one of the events that I make sure to squeeze into a very busy Caribana weekend. Can't wait to get my rib on!!!

Ribfest Schedule: Friday, July 31, 2009 from 11:00am - 11:00 pm Saturday, August 1, 2009 from 11:00am - 11:00 pm Sunday, August 2, 2009 from 11:00am - 11:00 pm Monday, August 3, 2009 from 11:00am - 6:00 pm
Location: Thomson Memorial Park (Brimley Road and Lawrence Avenue)

Steelpan Accessories for Caribana 2009


Kes the Band.....New Video.....Stalker

I love Kes the Band. Can't wait to see them live at Big People Fete on Caribana Sunday. In the meantime enjoy the video for their latest release.....Stalker.

Carnival Nationz Costume Pick Up Begins‏

Pickup is located at the Mas Camp 533 McNicoll Ave. NEW For ladies there will be tights on sale at the Mas Camp during pick times. These are the tights from Trinidad that are skin tone aaaaaand eliminate the Forbidden Cellulite look. They are great in hot conditions so don't worry about that. If you're interested ask at pick up time. NEW There will be DVDs of Caribana 2008 on sale so if you know you were on camera or you just want memories from last year simply inquire at pickup.
Ladies and Gentlemen the time is here for 2008. Time to get ready for de road. We at Carnival Nationz are just as excited as you are to be In Full Bloom on the Lakeshore. I know you're all ready for yuh costumes like yesterday so as usual NO LONG TALK! We have set aside special days for each section. Pickup begins on Sat July 25th and ends on Fri Jul 31st. For all out of town masqueraders please make sure we know to hold your costume until Friday evening. Please NOTE: At pickup you will recie…

Feel De Vibe - Episode 2 (Part 2)

Feel De Vibe - Episode 2 (Part 1)

Results Guaranteed at SOCACIZE™ Bootcamp for Caribana

SOCACIZE™ Caribana Bootcamp is pure bacchanal - non-stop burning of calories and fun for 2 hours long with top DJs! The most effective way to get ready by boosting your energy and self-confidence for Caribana and other summer festivities.
Feel the tightness in your glutes and legs after Ginga fitness with the amazing energy, skill and taste of Brazil ’s culture – Caporeira with Ken.
Feel the burning arms after Zumba fitness with the swinging of the hips and taste of latin culture with Ricardo.
Feel exhausted yet energized after SOCACIZE fitness with Ayanna, but don’t forget which move to use in a fete or on Caribana day!
Join us tomorrow from 6-8pm at Carnival Nationz Mas Camp (533 McNicoll Ave. at Victoria Park).DJ Sureshot will spin us into shape.
Due to popular demands.....SOCACIZE™Bootcamp for Caribana may be extended....a confirmation email will be send out tomorrow.

Are you Ready to Sweat?
2009 Summer Sessions
SOCACIZE™ Bootcamp
The official workout for Caribana!
Designed fo…

Feel De Vibe - Episode 1

Toronto's Best Jerk

All Jerk lovers, vote for the best Jerk in Toronto and then head to Harbourforont on August 2 to meet the winner!


Jerk Jamboree Competition Winner
August 2, 2009
Who makes the best jerk in Toronto? Your vote counts! Vote on-line, and come August 2nd to meet the winner and taste their jerk. (For those not in the know, jerk is a hot, spicy, unique and delicious Jamaican way of cooking.). Choose from: Willy’s Jerk, Jerk King, Mr. Jerk, Irie Food Joint, Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant, Albert’s Real Jamaican Food, The Real Jerk, Soul Food Restaurant, Jam Dee’s Jerk Pit, or Nicey’s Take-Out. Voting will begin in July 2009.Everyone: FREESunday , August 2, 2009 at 2:00 p.m.Lakeside Terrace York Quay Centre, 235 Queens Quay West

De Caribana Lime has moved.......

Hey Readers take note: De Caribana Lime traditionally held on the island has officially been moved to Ontario Place as a result of the ongoing Toronto city workers strike!
Event: De Scotiabank Caribana Lime
Place: Ontario Place
Date: Sunday, August 2, 2009
Time: 12:00 – 8:00 pm
Cost: $ 14.00

2009 Junior Carnival Results


2009 Junior Band of the Year
2nd. IN FULL BLOOM – Carnival Nationz
3rd. (tie) BIRDS OF PARADISE OF PARADISE – Tribal Knights
3rd. (tie) DIS-NEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL – Toronto Revellers

2009 Junior King of the Bands
1st. Demeko Minott, 13 – Aladdin and the Magic Carpet – DIS-NEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL
2nd. Shane Vincent, 13 – Altamira Oriole – BIRDS OF PARADISE
3rd. Fabian Lee, 8 – Jewel of the Ganges – THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE

2009 Junior Queen of the Bands
1st. Paige Lewis, 13 – Botanica – IN FULL BLOOM
2nd. Destynee Charles, 10 – The Guardian of Luxor – THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE
3rd. Celena Seusahai, 10 – Lesser Birds of Paradise – BIRDS OF PARADISE

2009 Junior Male Individual of the Year
1st. Malik Adams, 9 – Cayman Parrot – BIRDS OF PARADISE
2nd. Marvin Lee, 9 – Snake Charmer – THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE
3rd. Jamal James, 14 – The Beast (Beauty & The Beast) – DIS-NEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL

2009 Junior Fem…

2009 "Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch Results

Nine calypsonians from across the GTA vied for top prizes in the "Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch Competition on Saturday, July 18th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre (CNE Grounds). The nine "Kaiso 365" finalists were Structure, Calypso Crooner, Susan G., Spice, Beginner, Redman, Macomere Fifi, King Cosmos, and Naki. They performed two newly-composed calypsos before a panel of judges and each song was awarded a maximum of 100 points divided into five (5) categories: Lyrics 35, Melody 20, Vocal Rendition 25, Presentation 10, and Originality 10.

The results for 2009 "Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch Competition:
1st Redman - Black Hen Chicken / Ah Done With Picong
2nd Calypso Crooner - Congratulations Obama / Living Backwards
3rd Structure - Manifesto for the People / My Social Commentary
4th Macomere Fifi - I Eh Taking No More / Call Me By Name
5th Naki - Ah Real Vex / T'ings Brown
6th Susan G - Who Bailing We Out / Pollution School
7th Spice - Heroe…

Roll Call......Caribana 2009

Hey Readers, Only 11 days before the big day and hopefully by now you've managed to pick a band and your section! So that begs the question.........WHO YUH PLAYING WITH? This is the official 2009 Caribana roll call.........let's here who you'll be jumping up with this year. I'll start things off: De Cocoa Panyol: Carnival Nationz - Lychee Oh yes, and just in case you're a procrastinator and you're still looking to play mas, here is a complete list of all the bands in order of appearance along with contact info and mas camp location.

Band #1 (Category A) Mas Toronto (Errol & Alicia Achue) 2009 Theme: Into D Wild Mas Camp Address: Phone: 416-283-6161 Website:

Band #2 (Category A)
Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club (Louis Saldenah) 2009 Theme: A Tribute to Harold Saldenah – The Golden Years Mas Camp Address:787 Warden Avenue (south of Eglinton Avenue), Scarborough, ONMas Camp Hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - midnigh…

Pan Alive 2009


Introducing the E-PAN.....


Happy Anniversary.....De Cocoa Panyol after one year!

Dear Readers,Exactly one year ago today I, De Cocoa Panyol, decided to "try a ting" and started blogging. I wasn't convinced that I would be able keep up with my blogging duties but I have to admit that this has turned out to be a lot of fun for me and I can truly list blogging as one my favourite hobbies. Thanks to everyone who has ever taken the time to visit. Its much appreciated... God Bless you all!!

Afropan Blockos

Hey readers,

Every year Afropan Blockos are a must for me for the Caribana season. Head on down to the panyard for some free family fun and some sweet pan music.

It's BLOCK-O time again!!!!
This years theme is "A TRIBUTE TO THE MAGIC MAN MICHAEL JACKSON" so this SUNDAY JULY 19th come out as the tribute begins. We have many special guest coming to the 'YARD' to perform at the annual PAN KAISO JAZZ BLOCK-O.

Then on SUNDAY JULY 26th is the annual BIG BLOCK-O, come pick up your 2009 Afropan T-Shirt plenty food and drinks and some of Toronto's best DJ's will be passing thru!

There's nothing better then a good PAN YARD LIME so after KING & QUEEN
(Thursday July 30th) come dressed in WHITE and get a chance to take in the MAGIC DRUM as that will be our song for the PAN ALIVE COMPETITION taking place Friday July 31st!

AFROPAN - The People's Band Celebrating over 35 years!!!
(416) 245-6411 Ext # 1

Roller skating Babies

Cariban has launched......

Caribana is officially here.......BACCHANAL!!!!

Here is a listing of all the events taking place during the 2009 Caribana season (some familiar and some new). Click on the links for a full description of each event.

Junior Carnival - Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch Finals - Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art Exhibition - "Beyond the Rhythm" - Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scotiabank Caribana Gala - Friday, July 24, 2009

Clash of Tents - Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scotiabank Caribana King & Queen Show - Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pan Alive - Friday, July 31, 2009

Scotiabank Caribana Parade - Saturday, August 1, 2009

Caribana Tent Theatres - Saturday, August 1, 2009

Caribana After Parade Fusion - Saturday, August 1, 2009

De Scotiabank Caribana Lime - - Sunday, August 1, 2009

Caribana Tent Villages Goes to Ontario Place - Monday, August 1, 2009 Visit the Official Cariban website for more details:

Junior Carnival - Caribana 2009

Junior Caribana takes place this Saturday, July 18, 2009 at Yorkgate Mall from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A panel of five volunteer judges will adjudicate all bands using the following criteria: Visual impact (max. 20 marks); Authenticity (10); Creativity (20); Mas on the Move (10); Clarity of Theme (10); Presentation (20); and Craftsmanship (10) for a total of 100 marks. The order of merit is determined by discarding the highest and lowest score per participant. The judges’ decision is final, and is announced at the end of the parade.

Its not too late to get a costume for your little ones so check out each mas camp for there 2009 offering for the kiddies.

Now if only the weather would cooperate......let's pray for some sunshine for our lil masqueraders!!

OCPA 2009 Calypso Monarch Finalists

The finalists for the 2009 Calypson Monarch have been announced. Eight competitors will take on defending champion Macomere Fifi for the esteemed title.

Here are the finalists in Order of Appearance:

1. Brian Thornhill ~ Structure ~ Kaiso Forum
2. Bill Newman ~ Calypso Crooner ~ The Professionals
3. Susan Grogan ~ Susan G ~ Kaiso Forum
4. Denise Alexander ~ Spice ~ Kaiso Forum
5. Michael Moore ~ Beginner ~ The Professionals
6. Michael Thomas ~ Redman ~ Kaiso Forum
7. Tara Eulith Woods ~ Macomere Fifi (2008 defending champ) ~ The Professionals
8. Henry Gomez ~ King Cosmos ~ Kaiso Forum
9. Nzunaki Tuitt ~ Naki ~ The Professionals
* Reserve Leslie Carrabon ~ De Carra ~ Kaiso Forum
* in case one of the original eight finalists cannot perform on the night for any reason

OCPA's KAISO 365 Calypso Monarch Finals with take place on Saturday July 18th, 2009 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre (Exhibition Place, CNE Grounds). Tickets are $42.00 in advance; $45.00 at the door. For a list of ticket outlets, che…

Carnival Nationz Miami

Great news Carnival Nationz masqueraders.......CNz is spreading their wings to Miami!!!

Check it out......

BIG News from the CNz camp...
Picture this... it’s October, getting colder in Toronto as Thanksgiving long weekend fast approaches... dreams of sun, sea and sand on everyone’s mind... yuh feet doh stop ‘cause somewhere around the world ah carnival is about to explode on stage... ahhhhhhh where better to be in early Fall than in MIAMI... playing mas with North America’s #1 Carnival masquerade band...

CARNIVAL NATIONZ – MIAMI in the 2009 rebirth of “One Miami Carnival”.
In this, our 5th year of existence, with 2 Caribana “Band of the Year” titles and numerous King, Queen and Individual wins under our belt, we have commenced a new era in Toronto’s #1 band’s history, i.e. the launch of CARNIVAL NATIONZ MIAMI.


What is CNz Miami about?
CNz Miami is about unleashing the spirit, quality and experience that is deeply embedded within our philosophy and mentality o…

Caribana Lauch Location Change

Hi Readers,

The 2009 Official Caribana Launch will now take place at Dundas Square instead of at Nathan Phillips Square (due to the current garbage strike).

Date and time are still the same though.....
Tuesday, July 14, 2009 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

See you all in the square........Caribana is almost here!!!!


Happy Carifiesta to all those partying in Montreal........
hope everyone is having fabulous time!!!



(psst.....don't panic but its only 30 days before our Caribana Parade.....