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Snowflakes on Steel 2009

Advanced tickets are:

$25 Matinee Show
$30 Evening Show

Leah Posluns Theatre
4588 Bathurst St, just North of Sheppard Ave Wendy 416-286-7756
Earl 416-245-6411Ticket Outlets ($1 service charge may apply)A Different Booklist
746 Bathurst St.
Toronto, On
416.538. 0889Caribbean Cuisine
145 Heritage Market Square, Unit 15
Brampton, On
905. 426.3352Website:

Carnival Nationz 2009 Theme Launch & Appreciation Fete

Saturday December 13th, 2008
@ The Hickory House - 440 McNicoll Ave
Music By: D Bandit and Kold Fusion
Adm: FREE for all 2008 Carnival Nationz Masqueraders
The appreciation and theme launch of Carnival Nationz

Email from D'Bandit......
So how do we appreciate our masqueraders? Well how about throwing a FREE fete for all of our masquerader of 2008 on Saturday December 13th. We'll be releasing the theme for 2009 and giving you inforamtion for the what is our position in the parade and all kinda t'ing. Also see never footage and pics from Caribana 2008. Yuh never know yuh might just see yourself getting on BAD BAD BAD! We will also be giving away special Carnival Nationz Ts with the theme print. Music by D' Bandit and Kold Fusion. It all takes place inside Hickory House - 440 McNicoll Ave. Where is that you ask? How about 2 blocks west of the Mas Camp at Victoria Park and McNicoll Ave. So if yuh …

Downsview Park's Trail of Lights

Christmas time is here, time for love and time for cheer!!!

If you're looking for something to do to get into the Christmas Spirit, Downsview Park may just have the answer. From November 28, 2008 to December 31, 2008 you can experience Canada's largest walk-through holiday light show.

Dates: November 28th – December 31, 2008
Time: 5PM-10PM daily
Admission: Sundays – Thursdays: $10 per person
Fridays & Saturdays: $12 per person
Holidays: $12 per person (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve)
Children 2 years of age and younger are free.
Group rates apply to groups of 20 people or more. For more information, call 416-597-0965 or click here.

Check out the website for all the details:

Point Fortin R.C. wins!!

Congratulations to my old school.....YAY!!!

Article in today's Guardian:

Point Fortin RC takes National Primary Schools Parang title

Best female vocalist Kerisse Rawlins performs with her school Point Fortin RC. Photo: Trevor Burnett

Best Female Vocalist Kerisse Rawlins leads her school, Point Fortin RC, to cop the National Primary Schools Parang competition on Saturday. The school scored 170 points.

Some 21 schools took part in the 30th edition of the competition held at the the auditorium at St Augustine Girls High School.

Second was Good Shepherd Anglican of Tunapuna with 161 points and San Juan Girls Government and last year champions Arima Boys RC tied in third position with 159-points.

Other placings
Dow Village Government 155 points
Sangre Grande RC 152 points
Brazil RC 148 points
St Joseph Girls RC and St Pius Boys RC 146 points
Sacred Heart Boys RC 145 points
Belmont Boys and Girls RC, Basse Terre RC and Carapo RC 144 points
Diego Martin Boys RC and Gran Couva RC 141. Dow Village Boys …

Pon D Corner

Check out the first episode of TJJ TV's Pon D Corner hosted by a madman named Chris aka Jillionaire Juice........real Trini wildness!!!

Chris aka "Jillionaire Juice" talks about all the HOT & JUICY topics going on in Trinidad, the Caribbean and around the World each and every week. This one will be very STICKY!! A new Pon D Corner episode will be aired on TV every Tuesday!

Just because he's........SWANKY!!!


South Schools presents.....A Christmas Party



FOOTBALL FANS celebrate Trinidad and Tobago's 3-0 win over Cuba, in a World Cup qualifier, at Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain Wednesday night.

YAY!!! Trinidad and Tobago has qualified for CONCACAF'S Final Round of the 2010 World Cup scheduled to begin on February 11, 2009.


Tribal Knights Theme for 2009

The Tribal Knights website was recently updated with a sneak peek of their theme for Caribana 2009.......BIRDS OF PARADISE.
Can't wait to see all the pretty wings for this theme!!
In other Caribana band news: Callaloo's 2009 Caribana theme is entitled " THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE"

The Carnival Nationz Appreciation Fete and 2009 Caribana theme launch is set to take place next month........Saturday, December 13, 2008. Look out for more details coming soon!!!

Parang in Toronto

Saturday November 29th, 2008
DR. JAY & Mom, alongside SOCA SWEETNESS & Mom proudly co-present....
@ The Armenian Community Centre (45 Hallcrown Place at Victoria Park & 401)
LEON COLDERO - Trinidad's own performing hits such as "La Sapa", "Curry Christmas", "Ron", "Parangin' In Brooklyn"

alongside two of Toronto's top Parang bands:
LOS PAJAROS (featuring the "Toronto Scrunter")
LOS AMIGOS (featuring Connector)


(legendary Comedian from Trinidad)
(Toronto via Trinidad)
JAY MARTIN (Toronto via Jamaica)

Dr Jay De Soca Prince, Soca Sweetness and Jay 'Stretch' McNeilly
For the VERY FIRST TIME, we are combining TWO SOLD OUT shows into ONE HUGE EVENT!
This would be the 5th Annual BIG PEOPLE PARANG SHOW & DANCE brought to you by DR. JAY a…

Soca Baby for and Fay-Ann and Bunji

Fay-Ann, Bunji expectingBy JOAN RAMPERSAD Saturday, November 15 2008THERE is a soca baby on the way and due to arrive shortly after Carnival 2009.Reigning Road March champion Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez is four-months pregnant and her baby is due sometime next April.

She and her husband, reigning International Soca Monarch Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez are “happy, happy, happy” and totally “elated”.

The “baby bulge” was first noticed on Thursday night when Fay-Ann performed at a media appreciation function at the Zen Night Club, hosted by the Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago.

A proud Bunji told Newsday that Fay-Ann was having such a very good pregnancy that they intend to fulfill performing commitments for Carnival 2009. He added, however, that as she would be almost seven-months pregnant in February, she would only perform if she “felt comfortable” doing so.

Yesterday the couple left for New York to perform at a College function.

The couple has already released two tracks for Carnival…


Saturday February 7th, 2008
* Junior Calypso Monarch Semi-Finals - Strand Entertainment, Dundonald St, POS - (10am)

Sunday February 8th, 2008
* Pan Trinbago National Panorama Semi-Finals (Savannah Party) - Conventional Bands (Small/Medium/Large) - Queen's Park Savannah 9am

Monday February 9th, 2008
* Young Kings Calypso Monarch Final

Tuesday February 10th, 2008
* Northern Region Soca In Pan - Northern Greens, QPS (7pm)

Wednesday February 11th, 2008
* National Extempo & Limbo Prelims - Strand Entertainment, Dundonald St, POS (10am)

Thursday February 12th, 2008
* Downtown Carnival Launch - City Hall, Hart Street, Port-of-Spain, 5pm
* Kings & Queens Prelims - Northern Greens, QPS (8pm)

Friday February 13th, 2008
* International Soca Monarch Semi-Finals

Saturday February 14th, 2008
* Red Cross Kiddies Carnival - Port of Spain (11am-1pm)
* Single Pam Semis - Victoria Square, POS (6pm)
* Calypso "Fiesta" Monarch Semi Final - Skinner Park, San Fernando (12pm)

Sunday February 15th, 200…

Poetry Corner......Derek Walcott for Barack Obama

Mr. Derek Walcott, 1992's Nobel Laureate for Literature, has penned a poem entitled Forty Acres to mark the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. The piece was exclusively written for The Times.
Please enjoy Mr. Walcott's piece....... Forty Acres: a poem for Barack Obama from Nobel winner Derek Walcott
Out of the turmoil emerges one emblem, an engraving —
a young Negro at dawn in straw hat and overalls,
an emblem of impossible prophecy, a crowd
dividing like the furrow which a mule has ploughed,
parting for their president: a field of snow-flecked
forty acres wide, of crows with predictable omens
that the young ploughman ignores for his unforgotten
cotton-haired ancestors, while lined on one branch, is
a tense
court of bespectacled owls and, on the field's
receding rim —
a gesticulating scarecrow stamping with rage at him.
The small plough
continues on this lined page
beyond the moaning ground, the lynching tree, the tornado's
black vengeance,
and the young…

Chocolate City J'ouvert 2009


New events for Caribana 2009

New events for Caribana 2009
by Gerald V. Paul

At a special Scotiabank Caribana appreciation and awareness cocktail reception for sponsors and potential sponsors recently, three new events were unveiled for the 2009 festival: Caribana Lime, featuring the Miss Caribana Queen Pageant; VIP, Taste of the Caribbean with Chef Robert Rainford and Laugh and Lime Comedy. At the "Feel Good Vibe" event it was revealed that Scotiabank will retain sponsorship of the event in 2009, and that this year, some 600 Scotiabank staffers volunteered at the event. John Doig, Senior Vice President, Marketing said, "Scotiabank Caribana enriches our community by celebrating the amazing diversity of this wonderful city." Meanwhile, with Scotiabank Caribana showing a profit in excess of $100,000 according to a reliable source, a senior official with the Festival Management Committee (FMC) will be stepping aside due to other pressing engagements. Chief Financial Officer and Chief A…

COTT Award Winners.....

WINER BOYS: The Mighty Sparrow and Machel Montano dance backstage after receiving their respective awards for International Achievement and Songwriter of the Year at the 2008 COTT Music Awards at Queen's Hall, St Ann's, on Thursday evening. -Photo: JERMAINE CRUICKSHANK

The tenth edition of the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) Awards was held this past Thursday and the winners are:
Groovy Soca of the Year - "Chipping" - Darryl "Farmer Nappy" Henry and Margaret "Ginga" Alexis. Rapso of the Year - "Never Give Up" - Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts, Stanton Kewley and Sheldon "$hel $hoc" Benjamin. Parang Soca of the Year - "The Sweetest Christmas Lime" - Jason Seecharan and Richard "Charsu" Ahong. Pop/Rock Song of the Year - "Fallen" - Alan Tiah, Allan Reece and Bobby Afzal Ramdeen. R&B/Hip-Hop of the Year - "What I Want" - Rohan "Fireball" Richards and Richard…

Dance Caribe.....Vini Tay-Lay-Lay


Soca Monarch 2009.....revolutionized

In today's Trinidad Guardian........
Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts (CPP) has outlined an aggressive plan to soundly place T&T’s soca music on the world map, but without the assistance of the State.
Using the popular International Soca Monarch and Groovy Monarch competitions which are already regional brands, producers of the contest have set themselves an ambitious task to revolutionise how the event known as “Fantastic Friday,” is packaged and broadcast.
It will cost not less than $14 million, up from last year’s $8 million, to produce the event which officials hope would transform soca music’s status of the world stage.
In return, CPP has projected income from the cultural exercise to be in the vicinity of $50 million.
There was no mention of the role the Trinbago Unified Calypso Organisation (Tuco) would play in this new frontier.
At the October 29 launch of the 2009 edition of the popular Soca Monarch contest, held at the Jaffa Ballroom at th…

Byron Lee dies in hospital

Byron Lee dies in hospital Posted: 2008-11-04 12:38:52 (The Jamaica Gleaner)
Calypso Musician Byron Lee has died in hospital after a long battle with cancer.

The leader of the world-famous band, Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires was hospitalised at the Tony Thwaites Wing of the University Hospital of the West Indies, after being flown home two weeks ago.

Lee, who was 73, had been fighting transitional cell cancer and was being treated in Miami Florida.

He was also diagnosed with bladder cancer two years ago.

Just last Sunday, he was conferred with the Order of Jamaica for outstanding service to the music industry in a special ceremony at the hospital.

Lee had been previously conferred with the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander in 2007.

Lee was born in Manchester on June 27, 1935 to parents Oscar Lee and Evelyn Chung-Lee.

He was educated at Mount St Joseph School in Mandeville, where he learnt music then later at St George’s College in Kingston.

He became bandleader of B…

Are you tired of telemarketers?

As you may or may not know Canada now has a National Do No Call List. So if you're tired of receiving unwanted call from telemarketers you can register your phone number (residential or wireless) with the National DNCL. Keep in mind that those annoying calls won't stop immediately as telemarketers have up to 31 days to update their lists. You may still receive calls within those 31 days.

For more information on how to register your phone number visit the following site:

Time Change

Don't forget to turn back your clocks tonight!! We get an extra hour of sleep.....SWEET!!

Why do we do this.....check out this article: