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Swing and Sway Trinidad Way, 1960s


On Heavy Rotation: Don Omar - Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo


2012 Toronto Carnival Themes

Hi Readers,
I am back from T&T.....I managed to beat the lockdown (lol).
While I was away a few bands announced their themes for 2012 Toronto Carnival.....

Tribal Knights led the way though announcing their Candyland theme awhile back......

And a HINT from the Bitter Lemon Camp: "Walk the Canals in your finest Masquerade"......I sense something Venetian......
Breaking news from Connections......2012 theme is "FANTASY ISLAND"
More news....Callaloo's 2012 theme is "SEVEN VOYAGES OF SINBAD"

A blogging break....

Hi readers,
I'm taking a mini break in sweet T&T. I'll get back to blogging next week!!!

2011 Pan Alive Champions - Afropan