Friday, August 18, 2017

Venom Carnival 2018 Toronto Carnival Theme...INKED

Hi readers,

I literally just posted about Fantazia Carnival's theme for 2018 and a quick check on FB revealed Venom Carnival's announcement.  How exciting!!!

Venom Carnival presents INKED for 2018 Toronto Carnival!

Fantazia Carnival 2018 Toronto Carnival Theme...ELEMENTS

Hi readers,

The folks at Fantazia Carnival have also announced their 2018 Toronto Carnival theme...ELEMENTS.  Looking forward to seeing their presentation next year!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tribal Carnival 2018 Toronto Carnival Theme...WONDERLAND

Hi readers,

I hope everyone had an amazing Caribana...50 years was definitely worth celebrating and I had a ball!!!

And now, wasting no time, the 2017 Medium/Small Band of the year - Tribal Carnival - has announced their 2018 theme!

Look out for WONDERLAND next year!

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