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Unofficial 2014 KAISO 365 Calypso Monarch Results

Congratulations to Macomere Fifi on winning her 6th Calypso Monarch Title.....amazing!!!!

Here are the results in order:

1. Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods) 
2. Beginner (Michael Moore)
3. Susan G (Susan Grogan)
4. Guney (Guney Cedeno)
5. Webb (Hamilton Alexander)
6. King Cosmos (Henry Gomez)
7. De Carra (Leslie Carrabon) 
8. Yellows (David Morgan)
9. Panman Pat (Pat McNeilly) 

Best Lyrics: Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)

Best Melody: Beginner (Michael Moore)

Best Presentation: Beginner (Michael Moore)

Most Original: Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)

Best Rendition: Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)

Best Composition on a local topic: Guney (Guney Cedeno)

Most Humourous: Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)

Best Arrangement: Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)

People's Choice: Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)

2014 Junior Carnival

Despite the somewhat gloomy weather Toronto's youngest masqueraders came out in all their splendour!

See the full album at:


2014 Junior Band of the Year
1. Carnival Nationz - Havana (261 points)
2. Louis Saldenah Mas K Club - River of Mirrors (257 points)
3. Toronto Revellers - Toon Time (255 points)

2014 Junior Queen
1. Kia Castle portraying Radiant Havana from the band Carnival Nationz (277 points)
2. Faith Hermelijn portraying Safari Monarch from the band Louis Saldenah Mas K Club (273 points)
3. Caneisha Edwards portraying Guardian Angel from the band Tribal Carnival. Band theme: Secret of Wingz (253 points)

2014 Junior King 
1. Malik Adams portraying Dragon Rider from the band Tribal Carnival (254 points)
2. Fabian Lee portraying Aztec Water God from the band Louis Saldenah Mas K Club (250 points)
3. Aaron Degraff portraying Guardian of the Flames from …