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Tribal Knights says "PALANCE" with them for 2010

So you missed Trini Carnival this year and you didn't get a chance to PALANCE on de road with JW ad Blaze. Well come this Caribana you will get the opportunity if you play mas with Tribal Knights.

JW and Blaze, the Power Soca Monarchs and Roadmarch Champions of Trinidad and Tobago's 2010 Carnival will be on the road with Dexter Seusahai's Tribal Knights to "PALANCE" the sea of masqueraders by chanting the infectious lyrics which charmed the incomparable Beyonce Knowles to unquestionably follow their directions: "Jump, Jump, Jump Up...Jump and Put Your Hands Up!"

Video Alert.......Donae'o - Party Hard

New Ketchup Packet Revolutionizes Modern Life

Video Alert.......Blaxx - Hunting

Beyonce PALANCING all over Trinidad

Tribal Knights 2010 Band Launch


Caribana shines at Vancouver Olympics

First black pairs figure skating team includes a Canadian

Road March and Band of the Year Results

1. JW and Blaze - Palance - 417
2. Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez - True Lies - 40
3. Machel Montano - No Behaviour - 11


George Bailey Band of the Year (large):
1. Resurrection: The Mas—Mac Farlane
2. Festivals of the World—Trini Revellers
3. Masala—Legacy
4. Matrix—Showtime Trinidad
5. The Spice Route—Spice Carnival Band

Harold Saldenah Band of the Year (medium):
1. Tribute—Ronnie and Caro—The Mas Band
2. The Journey—Rosalind Gabriel and Village Production
3. Call Dat George—D Midas T&T
4. Salvaje—D Krewe
5. Fire and Ice—Trevor Wallace and Associates

Lil Hart Band of the Year (small):
1. Inner Circle of the Pow Pow—Tribal Connection
2. Music—De BOSSà
3. Pirates and Plunderers—The Belmont Jewels
4. Cobo Town—Cat In Bag Production
5. A Traditional Fiesta—The Original Jab Jab

Mack Copeland Band of the Year (mini):
1. Hatching Blue Devil—Rhapsody In Blue
2. Path Finder—Henry Ramdin and Associates
3. The “Premonts” Over and Beyond the Horizon—Something’s Out There
4. Apache Land—Villa…


1. Rosemarie Kuru Jagessar - Wakanisha - The Sacred Water Bearer - 407
2. Peola Marchan - Red Sails In The Sunset - 383
3. Anra Bobb - Visions of Fantasia - 381
4. Kay Mason - Sweet Sumintra - 377
5. Gloria Dallsingh - Wings of Freedom - 365
6. Patricia Bailey - Vegas Showgirls on Stage - 357
7. Sevel Nicolls - Dame Gwo Bunda - 354
8. Inez Gould - Sorceress of the Ruby - 349
9. Savatri Holassie - Jewel Sunbird - 338
10. Joan Mohammed - Queen of D'Dessert Sun - 290

1. Curtis Eustace - Spirits of Mandingo - An African Legend - 425
2. Leroy Prieto - The Masquerader Eyo - 398
3. Roland St. George - Fantasma - 390
4. (TIE) Glenn Dave Lakhan - Mystery of the Deep - 389
4. (TIE) Fareid Carvalho - Sied Delirium - A Morroccan Fever - 389
6. Theophilus Simmons - Tipu Sultan - 386
7. Glen Turnbull - God of Paradise - 381
8. Aaron Kallicharan - Danhyang Desa - 363
9. Ronald Mayers - D'Music Man - 354
10. Gerard Weeks - Dragon Can Dance - 310

Congratulation to Curtis Eustace …

2010 Panorama Champions

LARGE CONVENTIONAL BANDS:1 PCS Silver Stars [291 points]2 Phase II Pan Groove [284 points]3 All Stars [282]4 Caribbean Airline Invaders [274]4 bp Renegades [274]6 TCL Skiffle Bunch [274]7 Solo Harmonites [268]7 Witco Desperadoes [268]9 RBTT Redemption [264]10 NLCB Fonclaire [260]
MEDIUM CONVENTIONAL BANDS:1 Steel Explosion [280]2 Courts Sound Specialists [276.5] 3 Katzenjammers [273]4 Curepe Schezando [271.5]5 Tropical Valley Harps [268.5]6 NLCB Bucaneers 266.5]7 Carib Dixieland [264.5]2 Couva Joylanders [260]8 West Side Symphony [260]10 Clico Sfzorta [258]

SMALL CONVENTIONAL BANDS1 Arima Golden Symphony Smooth Sailing 2702 Golden Hands Dingolay 268.53 Merrytones Pan War 2684 Laventille Serenaders This Melody Sweet 2675 Crescendoes Musicale Pan War 2596 Codrington Pan Family Pandemic 2567 Fascinators Pan Symphony I Music 2518 Tamana Pioneers Pan On Fire 2509 Tornadoes Battle Zone 249.510 Panasonic Connection Pan On Fire …

2010 Stick Fighting Final Results

1. Longdenville Gayelle
2. Talparo Gayelle
3. Princess Town GayelleKing of the Rock
Rank . Name . Gayelle

1. Evon Ralph - Talparo Gayelle
2. Anthony Bynaille - Longdenville Gayelle
3. Joel Jones - Gran Couva GayelleBest Kandar
Talparo Gayelle


1. Gypsy
2. LingoPolitical Commentary:
1. The Original Defosto Himself
2. Kurt Allen
3. Mighty ChalkdustSocial Commentary:
1. Kizzie Ruiz
2. Brian London
3. StingerHumorous Calypso:
1. Llewellyn MacIntosh
2. Crazy
3. All Rounder

Happy Carnival Readers,

Don't forget to check out Toronto-Lime's Trinidad Carnival 360 degrees. Days 1-4 are up and running......

2010 National Panorama Finals

Medium Band Category Finalists (In Order of Appearance):
1. Katzenjammers - "Lightning Strikes Twice"
2. NLCB Buccooneers - "Surrender"
3. Couva Joylanders - "Smooth Sailing"
4. Valley Harps - "Battle Zone"
5. Carib Dixieland - "Somewhere In Tobago"
6. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille - "Surrender"
7. West Side Symphony - "Somewhere In Tobago"
8. Steel Xplosion - "Radica"
9. Curepe Scherzando - "Battle Zone"
10. CLICO Sforzata - "Wild & Free"

Large Band Category Finalists (In Order of Appearance):
1. TCL Group Skiffle Bunch - "Pan On Fire"
2. WITCO Desperadoes - "Tell Dem"

3. rbtt Redemption Sound Setters - "Pan On Fire"
4. bp Renegades - "Battle Zone"

5. Neal & Massey Trinidad All Stars - "Large Is Large"
6. 8. NLCB Fonclaire - "Rewind"
7. Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove - "Pan Army"

8. PCS Silver Stars - "Battle …

2010 Soca Monarch Winners

Groovy Soca Monarch
1 – Shurwayne Winchester – Murdah – 58
2 – Fayann Lyons – Start Wining – 57
3 – Rikki Jai – Barman – 56
4 – Patrice Roberts – Work It - 55
Power Soca Monarch
1 – JW and Blaze – Palance – 81
2 – Fayann Lyons – True lies – 64
3 – Shal Marshall & Screws – Police – 60
4 – Tallpree – Wicked Jab – 56Click here for a clip from JW & Blaze's winning performance.....

Video Alert .....Bunji Garlin - Brave

Sad news for Nadia Batson

I came across this FB status for Kes the Band today. Thoughts and prayers are with Nadia during this difficult time.

Kes the BandYou may have heard some sad news about our Caribbean Girl Nadia Batson, it is true, she had a miscarriage last week. Kes the Band supports her decision to rest and get better and we send her all our love. The show must go on however, and KES will be out in full force for the rest of this week!

2010 Groovy and Power Soca Monarch

Hey Readers,

It appears that will be able to vote for the 2010 Power and Groovy Soca Monarch via text message. Check out the excerpt from the Trinidad Express.
Bmobile enterprise services division Kalana Prince announced that for Fantastic Friday (February 12) bmobile and Caribbean Prestige Foundation have agreed to have 65 per cent of the scores decided through the judges and 35 per cent through text votes. US actor Danny Glover returns this year as a judge, joining fellow actor Delroy Lindo, calypsonian David Rudder and track star and Olympian Ato Boldon. Voting will be open to citizens in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, St Vincent, United States and Canada; the line up features artistes from these Caribbean countries. Prince noted that in preparation for the significantly expanded voting system TSTT technical team upgraded and expanded their platform to cater for the global interest this event generates.
Here is the Order of Appearance for FANTASTIC FRIDAY.....
Groovy Soca final…

National Panorama Single Pans and Small Bands Finals

National PanoramaSingle Pans and Small Bands Finals take place on Fantastic Friday, February 12at the Lord Kitchener Stands, South Quay, Port of Spain from 7:00 p.m.

The line up for Friday’s events is as follows:

Video Alert .....De Original De Fosto - In a Palace State of Mind

Video Alert .....JW & Blaze - Palance

Saldenah Blog....CARNIVAL PLANET

Hey readers,

Check out the new Saldenah Blog at

Another great way to keep Saldenah masqueraders well informed about their 2010 presentation "PORTRAITS". This year's sections leaders are Curtis Aitchison, Karen Aitchison, Allisha Ali, Jennelle Rachael, Dr.Jay, Soca 101, Ronnie Clarke, Hayden Harbin, Winston Healey(Xpats), and Curtis Eustace(All Spice). Section names will be announced in April although we already know that All Spice has two sections entitled "PORTRAITS OF INDIA" and "PORTRAITS OF INDONESIA". The band launch is expected to take place in May.

Video Alert.....Tallpree - Wicked Jab

Dimanche Gras - Calypso Monarch Finalists

Selvon Noel – Mr Shak – Rogue

Carlos James – Skatie – A Cry For Life

Hollis Liverpool - Chalkdust -

Winston Scarborough – De Original De Fosto Himself – In A Palace State of Mind

Michael Legerton – Protector – My Vision

Sandra Des Vignes Millington – Singing Sandra – No Child Shall Be LeftBehind

Devon Seale – De Sharer Strikes

Brian London – A Calypsonian

Sean Daniel – God Is Love

Ann Marie Cudjoe-Parks – Twiggy – Give Thanks

Anthony Hendrickson – All Rounder – Female Lifeguard

Roderick Gordon – Mr Chucky – A People’s National Movement

Kizzy Ruiz – Aide Haiti

Nicole Greaves – Where the Lions Are?

Kurt Allen – Too Bright

Black History Month

Hey Readers,

Its Black History Month!!

Here's a listing of some things to do to celebrate:

Kuumba @ Harbourfront

Sway Magazine

Ontario Black History Society

City of Toronto

Legacy Poster