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CALLALOO......Vicotry/Appreciation Party


Trini Revellers....Sweet T&T

The Trini Revellers website has been updated. Only 9 out of the 22 listed sections have images available but if you're interested in this band take a look:

The Ultimate Girl's Day Out......

The National Women's Show is coming to Toronto.....Friday, November 7, 2008 to Sunday, November 9, 2008 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Show times are as follows: Friday November 7, 12 noon - 9pm Saturday November 8, 10am - 6pm Sunday November 9, 10am - 5pm

Tickets are $14.00 at the door or they can be purchased online for $12.00

I'll be checking out this event with my girlfriends. The show is divided into the following themes/zones: Fashion & Style District, Beauty & Wellness, Health & Fitness, World Of Taste, Business & Career Centre and the Home Style Pavilion. Something for everyone!!
Check out the website for more info....

1000 and counting

Woohoo, I've hit the 1000 mark!! Thanks to all those who have taken the time to visit since I started this blog a few months ago. Its much appreciated. Hopefully, you were able to find something interesting enough to keep you coming back :-)


The SteelBandits have finally finished our cd project and we are very excited to share it with everyone. We encountered many obstacles from start to finish....from recording to packaging.....but we learned quite a lot along the way. Iridescence was recorded for all our beloved family members and friends who have supported the band through the years.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the SteelBandits' Iridescence please send an email to Please also visit the band website at:

Crick Crack.....Paul Keens-Douglas in Toronto


Saldenah Appreciation Party


Cell phone rash....

Are you allergic to your cell phone? Doctors in the UK have recently discovered a new condition called "mobile phone dermatitis".

Doctors are being warned to be alert to a new allergic skin disorder,
caused by mobile phones, according to the British Association of Dermatologists.

A new phenomenon called “mobile phone dermatitis” has been discovered,
in which people who spend long periods of time on their mobile phone develop an
allergic reaction to the phone’s nickel surface.

The problem was identified in several published case reports of
patients with unexplained rashes on their face and ear. Closer investigation
revealed that the reaction was caused by nickel in the mobile phone handsets,
where it is often found in the casing or buttons, particularly in the most
fashionable models.

Click here for more info:

2008 International Soca Award winners

Monday October 20th, 2008 – Machel Montano HD again dominated yet another awards celebration. This time copping six (6) accolades at the pretigious International Soca Awards held in St Kitts on Saturday. Montano’s 2008 SAO awards included ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Male Soca Artist of the Year’, ‘Performer of the Year’, ‘Best Soca Collaboration’, ‘Soca Band of the Year’ & ‘Song Writer of the Year’ (w/ Kernal Roberts).

Lucian star Ricky T walked away with a whopping four (4) awards including ‘Favorite Up-Tempo Soca’, ‘Best Soca Re-Mix Collaboration of the Year’ (w/ Mr Vegas), ‘Soca Road Mix of the Year’ and ‘Soca Song of the Year’ (tied with Faye-Ann Lyons).

Also grabbing up four (4) awards was female sensation Faye-Ann Lyons (‘Female Soca Artist of the Year’, ‘Soca Song of the Year’, ‘Female Performer of the Year’, ‘Favorite Up Tempo Soca of the Year’). Songstress Patrice Roberts was given the nod for ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ and ‘Favorite Groove Soca’ for her song ‘Wukkin Up’.

DJ Sp…

Legacy Band Launch

TnT Carnival 2009
"Kingdom of the Dragon"
Come be a part of the premier LEGACY Mas experience for Trinidad Carnival 2009. Consistently in the top three bands,
Legacy will feature a new and improved package for 2K9. This includes 45-foot rolling bars and food distribution facilities,
premium all-inclusive service, breakfast cocktails on Tuesday, the Digicel all-star celebrity music truck, mobile toilet facilities, medic service,
body paint options, costume adjustment facilities and new costume distribution centre.Look out for:Legacy Band Launch
October 18th 2008
The AnchorageYou are invited...Costume designs and all registration information will be up on our website right after the band launch.
For more information, email us at or call 868-622-7466

2009 Panorama Schedule

Pan Trinbago has released their 2009 Carnival shedule:

Fri Jan 23 to Mon Jan 26
North/East/South/Central/Tobago - National Preliminaries - Single Pan Bands`In Bands Respective Panyards / Communities
Tues Jan 27 to Tues Feb 3
North/East/South/Central/Tobago - National Preliminaries - Conventional Bands
In Bands Respective Panyards / Communities
Sun Feb 8
9:00 a.m.
Small/Medium/Large - National Semi Finals - Conventional Bands
Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain
Mon Feb 9 to Thurs Feb 12
North/East/South/Central/Tobago - Junior Panorama National Preliminaries
In bands respective schools / panyards / communities
Sat Feb 14
6:00 p.m.
National Semi-Finals (Single Pan Bands)
In Front of Victoria Sq. Part St., Port of Spain
Sun Feb 15
11:00 a.m.
Junior Panorama Finals
Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain
Wed Feb 18
7:00 p.m.
National Small Bands Finals and National Single Pan Bands Finals
Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain
Sat Feb 21
7:00 p.m.
National Finals (Large & Medium Conventional Bands) Qu…

Boots for today's Trinidad Guardian

A model shows off a pair of crackled bronze high heeled boots at Tribe’s band launch.Suzanne BhaganAfter Carnival 2K8, did your feet hurt? Why did you cram your toes into those impossibly high heeled, strappy sandals? Despite warnings, you did not dare downplay your costume with a pair of dowdy sneakers, spray-painted or otherwise. So for Carnival 2K9, what can you do? Adrian Dick, company director of Suri Shopping Company, offers a solution.His company, the authorised local distributor for Piccadilly shoes, offers a new line—the Piccadilly Carnival Collection. Dick explains that when women returned to his shoe store after Carnival, they complained that they lost toenails, even broken their toes after “jumping up.” Dick’s brain cogs went into overdrive. He realised that suitable yet fashionable footwear was absent from the total Carnival costume package. He said, “Something was missing from waist down.”Piccadilly is well-known for producing uber-comfortable office and c…


Hey people, its election day!! So don't forget to exercise your right and get out there and vote. If you are unsure of where to vote or you are looking for more information about the process then visit Elections Canada at:

Maxwell in Concert......

Last night Maxwell made a stop in Toronto on his pre-triple album release tour. All I can say is that he was absolutely AMAZING!!! Jazmine Sullivan was his opening act and she was also quite good. Great voice and a lot of positive energy on stage. I don't think I've enjoyed a concert as much as I did this least since the last time Maxwell was in Toronto. He certainly made me very thankful this Thanksgiving. His stage presence and musicality is truly to be appreciated. I can't wait for the release of BlackSummer's Night.

In the meantime enjoy enjoy some pics from the concert:

Toronto Revellers Theme for Caribana 2009

Toronto Revellers announces it's theme for the 2009 Caribana Festival.

TORONTO, ON, October 10, 2008 – Toronto Revellers is delighted to announce the theme for their presentation in the 2009 Caribana Festival. Brazil – Bacchanal in Rio will be a shimmering celebration of the colour and vibrance that is Rio Carnaval.

Brazil – Bacchanal in Rio will prove to be one of Toronto Revellers’ most ambitious presentations to date. Following in an unexpected trend of geographic themes; Brazil Carnaval is the next logical choice following their very successful portrayals of Viva Las Vegas (2007) and Alkebu’lan (2008) which earned them back to back Band of the Year titles.Toronto Revellers is confident that it will be able to provide Toronto Revellers Masqueraders with yet another incredible experience, one that that upholds the richness of Brazil and delivers on the authentic detail of Rio Carnaval.As the “Peoples Band”, Toronto Revellers caters to all masqueraders; the young and young at hea…

Happy Thanksgiving

A very Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!

Psalm 107:1
"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Dance Caribe in November

Dance Caribe Performing Company (DCPC) will be staging their second excitingCaribbean dance dinner-theatre production, “VINI TAY-LAY-LAY” a special 2 night only presentation with The Frontline Drumming Company of Trinidad & Tobago on November 22nd & 23rd 2008. This award-winning dance company prides itself on consistently fulfilling its motto of “preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean.”

DCPC’s “Vini Tay-lay-lay” (meaning “Come in Style”) will showcasethe mélange of dance styles unique to the Caribbean, with a repertoire of pieces entirely different than the last dinner-theatre event!

La Pastora Suite, African Swazi, Calypso/Limbo, Afro-Caribbean & East Indian performed in contemporary and traditional styles. The show is directed and choreographed by DCPC’s founder, and Artistic Director Martin Scott-Pascall.

Dance Caribe Performing Company makes several special guest appearances here at home and abroad. They were Canadian Ambassadors at the Domin…

Dove Beauty Campaign


Sunday, 05 October 2008

In partnership with Dove, Jigsaw Casting Ltd. is looking for AFRICAN-CANADIAN WOMEN IN THEIR LATE 20’S TO MID 30’S to be featured in an upcoming Print Advertisement for Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty!!!

Celebrating Dove’s belief in the diversity in beauty and that all women are attractive in their own unique way, we are seeking real women who are confident with healthy, beautiful skin. (Please no large tattoos or scars)
As a spirited woman with a positive attitude, you’re proud of your body and would be comfortable in a bikini. It’s time to come on out and show off your beautiful self! THOSE WHO SECURE A ROLE IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY FINANCIALLY COMPENSATED **

You are an African-Canadian (of African/Caribbean descent etc.) female, 25-35 yrs of age, and are fit and comfortable in your own skin!
For this particular commercial, you need to be comfortable in yo…

Wee update

The Candy Shop is now open.........check out Wee International's 2009 presentation of the Candy Shop. The website has been updated with photos of their costumes.


Fireball on the Billboard Charts

Fireball fires up the charts …Trini artiste reaches Top 10 on Billboard Rohan “Fireball” Richards

Cherisse Moe Popular local soca artiste Rohan Richards, known in the music world as Fireball, is now at number ten on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart with his hit single, What I Want. Just about one year ago, the catchy upbeat tune, took Europe by storm making Fireball a household name. The single, released in the USA on the Record Plant Records label (a division of world famous Record Plant Studio), entered the Billboard chart at number 45, and seven weeks later, it quickly climbed to number 10, after being number 14 last week. The first winner of Synergy TV’s Soca Star Competition, the 28-year-old Laventille resident spoke yesterday in an exclusive inter…

Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche

a free all-night contemporary art thing

October 4, 2008
6:52 pm to sunrise For one sleepless night, experience Toronto transformed by artists.Discover art in galleries, museums and unexpected places. From bridges and tunnels to warehouses and stadiums, choose from more than 155 destinations and chart your own path.It’s impossible to see everything in 12 short hours! Check out the 2008 Programme details and make note of your favourites, then visit the Plan Ahead section of the website for useful tools to create your own art-after-dark adventure.
Check the link for the 2008 Programme