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New Video Alert......Zan - ALL AROUND THE WORLD


Soca Monarch 2011 [Official Teaser]


Synergy for Life - Dance into Spring


Blues Carnival Fusion 2011 Band Launch


Black Sage Carnival 2011 Band Launch


New Video Alert.....Shal Marshall - Doh Drag D Flag (Defend It)


New Video Alert....Kes - WOTLESS


Semi-Finals Panorama Results

SMALL1. Arima Golden Symphony 2632. Tornadoes 2612. Merrytones 2614. Golden Hands 2595. St. Margaret’s Superstars 2566. Southern Marine Steelband Foundation 2537. Longdenville Claytones 2528. Old Tech Steel Orchestra 2509. …

Tribal Knights 2011 Band Launch


2011 Chutney Soca Monarch - Rikki Jai


New Video Alert...... Ravi B Feat. Skinny Fabolous :CYA CUM / WEY YUH DEY


2011 Chutney Soca Monarch Finalists

1 Anil Bheem (The B.M.R.)2 Artie Butkoon3 Drupatee Ramgoonai Persad4 Kenneth Supersad5 The Hunter6 Soca Elvis 7 The Hitman8 Adesh Samaroo9 Oneil Bhajman10 Ravi B 11 Rikki Jai12 Rick Ramoutar13 Sally Sagram14 Terry Gajraj 15 Vishal Persad (K.I.)WEBSITE:

2011 Fantastic Friday Lineup

• Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon
• Kees Dieffenthaller
• Kerwin Du Bois
• Destra Garcia
• Roderick “Chucky” Gordon
• Keon Heath & Roger Joseph (Patch feat Yankee Boy )
• Anthony “All Rounder” Hendrickson
• Rodney “Benjai” Le Blanc
• Jahmoun Mendoza
• Patrice Roberts
• Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart
• Cassiano “Cassi” Sylvester
• Megan Walrond
Defending Monarch: Shurwayne WinchesterPower Soca finalists:
• Ian Alvarez (Bunji Garlin)
• Andy Armstrong (Blood)
• Nadia Batson/Patrice Roberts
• Ravi “Ravi B” Bissambhar
• Wilt “Talpree” Cambridge
• Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle
• Destra Garcia
• Neil “Iwer” George
• Fay-Ann Lyons
• Stevenson “Shal” Marshall
• Machel Montano
• Tian Winter
• Michelle Xavier
Defending Monarch: Jason “JW” Williams, Ancil “Blaze” IsaacWEBSITE:

Machel @ Soca Monarch Semis


Video Alert....Machel Montano - ADVANTAGE


Show your support for CARN 98.7 NOW!!!!

GO TO: - and complete the online form.

Hello CARN Supporters,
Now is the time for you to show the CRTC the urgency in granting a radio licence to serve the Black and Caribbean population of Canada.

You can tell the CRTC of your support either at the CARN or CRTC website:

**By CARN Website: Go To -

**By CRTC Website: Go To -

**At the CRTC Website Link, look for: Item #14 -Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc.

**Deadline for Submission of Comments: February 25th.**

The CRTC has set the date of April 1st for the final hearing for CARN's (Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc) application.

On January 28th, the CRTC informed CARN's (Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc.) principal Mr. Fitzroy Gordon that the application has been placed on the agenda of the April 1st hearing in Quebec. This should be the final hurdle for us to receive our official …

Meet Biter Lemon Carnival

Meet the Bandleader, meet the section leaders, see the presentation for 2011 'Monsoon Wedding, Before the Storm', enjoy music with DJ Victor Shim. Discounts for early registration!
Time: Friday, February 25, 2011 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Queen Victoria Pub and Catering 2240 Midland Ave Scarborough, ON

Soca on Ice

Soca on Ice featuring Dr. Jay De Soca Prince February 12, 2011Come celebrate the ongoing Kuumba festival as DJ Skate Saturday Nights explores hot Caribbean rhythms that will surely heat up the ice with Dr. Jay De Soca Prince.
Saturday, February 12, 2011 8:00PM - 11:00PM235 Queens Quay West

New Video Alert....Shurwayne Winchester - MANIC


Fave Bloggers doing one of my fave things


Caribbean Carnival Season: Let's Party!

Hi Readers,
Check out this Time Magazine article......
Caribbean Carnival Season: Let's Party!
Big fun Trinidad is home to the largest of the Caribbean CarnivalsJorge Silva / Reuters / Corbis PrintEmailReprintsFacebookTwitterMORE
Fidel Castro has been trying to dissuade his fellow Cubans from throwing the celebration since 1960. In Haiti, the festival is so revered that Michel Martelly (a Carnival singer known for drinking and disrobing on stage) placed third in presidential elections last November. In Trinidad and Tobago, participants smear oil, mud or chocolate all over their scantily clad bodies, while in Curaçao, they happily set fire to a giant effigy of the king of the festival himself.

Part 5 of the Documentary "Streets of Colour" by Dalton Narine

Here is Part 5 of the Documentary "Streets of Colour" by Dalton Narine.

2011 Soca Monarch Semifinalists

The semifinalistsThe following is the list of semifinalists (in alphabetical order of surname) for the bmobile International Soca Monarch and Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch competitions which will be held at the Arima Velodrome on Sunday, February 13, from 6 pm.


1. Ian Alvarez - Bunji Garlin
2. Erphaan Alves - Erphaan Alves
3. Edwin Ayoung - Crazy
4. Nadia Baton /Patrice Roberts Nadia/Patrice
5. Ravi Bissambhar - Ravi B
6. Keon Boodosingh/Greg Henry Zuki and Tim Tim
7. Wilt Cambridge - Tallpree
8. Kevin Celestine - Kevin Celestine
9. Shivonne Churche - Lil Bits
10. Hilton Dalzell Jr - Ghetto Flex
11. Destra Garcia - Destra
12. Neil George - Iwer (The Boss)
13. Wesley Hoyte - C’Donia
14. Imij & Co/Michelle Xavier - Imij & Co/Michelle Xavier
15. Roger Joseph - Patch
16. Fay-Ann Lyons - Fay- Ann Lyons
17. Terri Lyons - Terri Lyons
18. Stevenson Marshall - Shal Marshall
19. Konris Maynard - King Konris
20. Machel Montano - Machel Montano HD
21. Denyse Plummer - Denyse Plumm…

FLOW 93.5 axes Dr Jay's Soca Therapy

FLOW 93.5 axes Dr Jay's Soca Therapy

By Raynier MaharajThe popular Soca Therapy show on Sundays on FLOW 93.5 FM is no more.It has been confirmed that the show was pulled by the station’s new owners, CHUM FM, during a meeting with staff to restructure the station on Wednesday.Soca Therapy host Dr Jay told The Camera at press time that he was “disappointed” but as a professional, he had to respect the decision by the station’s new owners.“Of course it’s a tough day for the community, and everyone across the board who enjoys soca,” said Dr Jay.CHUM purchased FLOW from Milestone Radio in June 2010, but CRTC approval of the deal only came Tuesday evening. CHUM is part of the CTVglobeMedia Group. On Wednesday, the station’s new management summoned all the staff to a meeting, and told them that there were going to be changes.Soca Therapy is one of two Caribbean shows on FLOW which got the axe. The other is the reggae show Riddim Track with Speks, which followed the soca show on Sunday nig…

New radio station clears final hurdles, set to launch by Caribana

New radio station clears final hurdles, set to launch by Caribana
By Herman SilochanToronto’s Caribbean and African Radio Network broadcasting, 98.7FM, is getting closer to its launch, given, it seems, overcoming the final hurdles over the CBC’s objections.“All the stops have been removed, we want to be on air by Caribana,” said Fitzroy Gordon speaking to me by phone from Ottawa on Tuesday. Gordon, the President and CEO of CARN, made no bones about it, that the CBC’s objections to using the 98.7FM frequency has cost him time and lots of money, but never once did he back down in the light of technical reports favouring him and his business partners. So far, they have shelled out about half a million dollars.This paper has reported frequently about CARN’s roller coaster ride as it sought to gain that niche as a voice of Toronto’s Caribbean and African community. Another Toronto station, FLOW 93.5 FM had once been celebrated as that medium, but moved away in a populist direction dictated …

Tribal Knights - LEGENDS - Caribana Theme for 2011


FEB 2, 2011- TORONTO, ON
Award winning and twice "King of the Band" Tribal Knights™ Mas Club will be launching their 2011 theme for the Caribana season; LEGENDS -- Led by a man with a long history of impeccable costume design and Mas construction, Dexter Seusahai's Tribal Knights™ is ready to showcase to the public its 2011 offering for this year's Scotiabank Caribana Festival at its Annual Band Launch.On Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 at The Grand Luxe Event Boutique (3125 Bayview Avenue) he along with the entire Tribal Knights™ team invite you to experience the unveiling of "LEGENDS" in an event that is set to get you in the Caribana spirit through the shock and awe of spectacularly created costumes that represent Legends from around the World. This highly anticipated Band Launch event, hosted by Eman -- "The Man with De Steel" and SKF &…

Part 4 of the Documentary "Streets of Colour" by Dalton Narine

Here is Part 4 of the Documentary "Streets of Colour" by Dalton Narine.

Part 3 of the Documentary "Streets of Colour" by Dalton Narine.

Here is Part 3 of the Documentary "Streets of Colour" by Dalton Narine.