Friday, August 29, 2008

A sneak peek of Ronnie & Caro's BAKKANAL

The band launching season rolls on.....

Today's Pulse section of the Trinidad Guardian offered a sneak peek of Ronnie and Caro's 2009 presentation entitled

Calypso Fiesta, modelled by Soowan Bramble, is expected to be one of the popular sections in Ronnie & Caro’s C2K9 Bakkanal.

The band launch takes place tonight.....Friday, August 29th at Club Ambassador, Time: 10 p.m.

The Mascamp is shceduled to open on Monday, September 1st, 2008 at 12 noon.

Check out the website at

Island People Mas Newsletter


By now many of you have registered either locally through the Mas Camp or online, for the various chapters of ‘Heaven on Earth’. Your eager response to our presentation for next year has been both encouraging and humbling.

There were a few hitches in getting started and we truly apologize to all for the inconvenience – especially to our online family who were affected by the technical difficulties we experienced with the website on Tuesday, August 26. The late opening of the Mas Camp and a power outage and low voltage situation, for almost four hours on Tuesday, also limited the registration process.

To our online masqueraders most of you have four general queries with regards to: the availability costumes in your chosen chapters; the option of tankinis or one-piece female suits and the provision of boy shorts for Carnival Monday. As past masqueraders you will be given preference of selection, unless there is a production issue where costumes chosen are not available because of size or other special requirements and if so you will be notified by email in a timely manner. While no one-pieces are being offered, tankinis are optional for six chapters- just let us know when you’re registering. Rest assured ladies you will have boy shorts for Monday Mas.

As we keep you in the loop it’s also important that we let you know that the chapters Rays of Light and Carnival have been sold out. As well, both local and online registration for the Sonia Mack chapter, Paradisus, will open on Wednesday, September 03.

Some good news for our New York family! You can look forward to seeing some of our costumes at D' Vale Vibe party this Saturday August 30th at the Brooklyn Museum. For details please visit Please note that we will not be registering people at the event.

Now that we’ve overcome our initial challenges, we’re back on track to catering to your needs. This is just one of the many updates you will be receiving on your way to Carnival 2009 and also please feel free to send for additional information at:

Island People Mas
The Fun Has Just Begun

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pulse 8 Band Launch Info


Remember, our 2009 band launch is coming up...

Sunday 7th, September, 2009

Visit out website for more details

We can't wait to SIZZLE & BURN with you.


More mas...more fun!

Monday, August 25, 2008 Toronto

Its been so long since Maxwell's last album but I'm happy to hear that he is coming to Toronto for a performance on Sunday, October 13, 2008 at Massey Hall.

Check out the details below:

Massey Hall
$150.00 - $59.50

October 12, 2008 8:00 PM

Live Nation presents

Grammy Award-winning R&B master Maxwell makes his first Massey Hall appearance this fall. Inspired by the urban R&B scene of the early 1980s, this once shy Brooklyn-born artist has made a name for himself, becoming one of the most celebrated contributors to the neo soul movement.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ode to Usain Bolt

I found this poem in the Online T&T Express and just had to share with all the Usain Bolt fans!!!

The following tribute was written by Jamaican poet Joan Andrea Hutchinson in celebration of Usain Bolt's win at the 100-metres final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China on Saturday, August 16, 2008.

Usain Bolt and Mi
Joan Andrea Hutchins

Well wah never happen in a year
happen in a day
Mi kyaan believe mi eyes
Ever since Usain Bolt win di
Olympics 100 metres
Fi mi husband start exercise
Yuh tink a lickle talk mi a talk to him
Bout how him belly a get big
Mi tired fi tell him how him a get waggaty
An start to fayva pig
Mi spend mi money sign him
up a gym
Steam vegetable gi him every day
Him suck him teet an say "Man must have guts"
And galang him merry way
But when Usain Bolt win di
Olympic 100 metre gold
An mi start fi scream
"Usain Bolt mi love yuh, mi love yuh, mi love yuh
Yuh fulfill mi wildest dream"
Mi run up an dung inna di living room like mi mad
Ah liddung pon di floor
Mi say "Usain, a long time no man no excite mi so
Mi ago love yuh more and more"
Right now mi have picture of Usain Bolt pon every wall
And one beside mi bed
One pon mi T-shirt, two inna mi purse
And a Usain Bolt inna mi head
Usain Bolt full mi up wid so much pride
Mi doan even waan fi eat
And when mi talk bout how him body look good
Mi husband say mi sound like
mi a cheat
Him mout long up and say mi have young-bway nature
An a long time mi love mawga man
When mi tell him say Usain Bolt just meck mi feel good
Him say mi a behave like more dan fan
Him bex like bullfrog di odda morning
How mi gi him di breakfast cold
Sake a mi a watch di rerun a Usain a gi dem donkey length
Fi win di 100-metre gold
Dem show di race again when
mi a cook di Satiday soup
Mi gi out "What a mawga man
can run"
Mi dis hear "it come een like say sake a dis mawga man
Mi an mi Satiday soup a get bun"
Well Usain mi dawlin, dem say who bex lose
So mi say later fi him
But one ting mi know all of a sudden him start eat healty
And find himself a gym
And between mi an yuh Usain, him proud a yuh big time
But mi dear, nuh watch no face
Yuh name write pon mi heart dat Satiday when yuh get di gold
Inna di Olympics
100-metre race

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Island People Mas Newsletter


We know that you are eager for that close-up look of our presentation for 2009 – ‘Heaven on Earth- it’s what you make it’ and we can’t wait to show it to you as well.

With that in mind, we invite you to view the costumes in our 12 Chapters on Saturday, August 23 from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm and on Monday, August 25 from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm at the Mas Camp, 11 Stone Street, Port-of-Spain.
Registration will commence on Tuesday, August 26 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm through to Friday, and on Saturday from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. We value you as part of our Islandpeople Mas family and we encourage you take advantage of our early client registration process.

To our extended overseas family, you have the option to register online at, beginning August 26 - September 02. Similar to last year you can pay by PayPal.

Friends, remember that at the Mas Camp we accept VISA, Mastercard, Linx, and Cash. Sorry, no personal cheques nor American Express.

We’re one step closer to our ‘Heaven on Earth’. See you at the Camp...

Island People Mas
‘Heaven on Earth’ – it’s what you make it’

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fastest man on Earth.......

What excitement!! The Men's 100m had me on the edge of my seat. Gold to Jamaica and Silver to T&T......YAY!! I was jumping up and down like a mad!

Final Results:

Usain Bolt of Jamaica reacts after winning the gold in the 100m Saturday in Beijing. (Anja Niedringhaus/Associated Press)

Jamaica's Usain Bolt ran an electrifying 9.69 seconds in the 100-metre sprint to set a new world record and take Olympic gold at Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing on Saturday night.

Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago won silver at 9.89, with Walter Dix of the United States taking bronze. Dix, an NCAA champion just out of school at Florida State, ran 9.91.

Did you see Usain doing his dance after he won.......let's call it the Insane Usain!! Woohoo!!

OH CANADA.......

YAY......I woke up this morning to find out that Canada has finally broken through to the medal podium at the Olympics. Our first medal of the games came in Rowing with a Silver medal in the Mens' Pairs (David Calder and Scott Frandsen).

Our next medals both came from our women's wrestlers. Carol Huynh won Gold in the 48kg class and Tonya Verbeek won Bronze in the 55kg class.

Congratulations to our athletes!!

Up next: the Men's 100m Finals at 10:30 a.m. Will Usain Bolt be crowned the fastest man in the world, will he set a new World Record?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's go to the EX......

Well if you live in Toronto, there's one sure sign that summer is coming to an end........the start of the CNE!!!

Today is the opening day of our beloved Canadian National Exhibition. Its one last chance to enjoy the dog days of summer before the chill of September begins. It hasn't been the greatest of summers here in Toronto, in fact, its been pretty crappy. Environment Canada has reported this summer as the wettest on record!!! So hopefully Toronto will have some great weather to enjoy the CNE......we deserve it.

Toronto gone wild with mas

In today's Online Trinidad Guardian......

Trinidadian Haniffa Ali and a friend lead an African section on stage in the Scotiabank Caribana parade.

“Mas, Toronto gone wild; playing mas Trinidadian style.”

(Mighty Sparrow, 1972)

WITH Notting Hill Carnival already in full swing, folk have scarcely had time to catch their collective breath from a slew of regional carnivals, in places like Antigua, St Vincent, St Lucia and Barbados, and further afield in Canada for Toronto’s Scotiabank Caribana. As usual, more than a million spectators descended on maple leaf country for an explosion of music and mas, all spawned from T&T Carnival.

Producing an African-themed presentation, Jamaal Magloire copped the Band of the Year title for large bands for the second consecutive year. Trinidad-born Magloire is a member of much acclaimed NBA team Dallas Mavericks, but admits that, in spite of his fame and success, mas is too much in his blood not to participate in Caribana.

Also in winners’ row was another Trini, veteran masman Selwyn “Nip” Davis. His presentation—Somewhere in the Orient—won the Band of the Year title in the 500-member category.

Secretary of the Toronto Mas Association, and en amployee with Children’s Aid Society, Davis said he already has ideas in his head for his 2009 presentation.

Stating that mas is a year-round affair, Davis revealed that he does his shopping in his native land when he makes his annual pilgrimage home for Trinidad Carnival.

Caribbean women play themselves at this year’s Scotiabank Caribana in Toronto, Canada. AP Photos


Barrie's Annual Caribbean Festival takes place this weekend at Centennial Park. Parade time is 1:00 p.m.

Check it out:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

D'Krewe.....IERE Virgin Paradise

D'Krewe's band launch of their 2009 presentation "IERE Virgin Paradise" takes place on Saturday August 16th, 2008 at St John’s Hall, Fitzblackman Drive, Woodbrook (Next to Jean Pierre Complex).

Once again my dear friends from North South Crew/Chocolate City will be part of the band and their section is entitled "WATER".

Here are a few shots from their photo shoot. Definitely more than your typical BBF (bikini, beads and feathers). My friend advises that this costume is actually hand-painted.

Designer: Paulette Guy James

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the presentation.

D'Krewe's website:
Chocolate City's website:

A sneak peek of Heaven on Earth.....

Today's online guardian featured a sneak peek of Island People's 2009 presentation......Heaven on Earth:


An unforgettable experience on the road—that’s what Carnival band Island People Mas (IPM) is offering masqueraders for C2K9.

With an increasing number of mas bands to choose from, bandleader/director Dane Lewis assures that great things are in store for those opting to play with the band.

“We are all about celebrating and taking care of our masqueraders. It’s all about them,” he said.

The concept

It’s surely different and engaging, but just where did the concept Heaven on Earth come from?

“First thing people would think of is what’s in heaven, but there are so many heavenly things on earth that we can showcase and celebrate,” said Lewis.

“We like to look at our band like a story moving from one chapter to another, which is why we don’t use the word ‘sections.’ With sections people tend to compete with each other. We want our masqueraders to feel like they belong to one band. All the different chapters go together to complete the story.”

IPM’s presentation has 12 chapters for C2K9, including Love, Chocolate, Angel Falls and Touch.Embracing competition

Despite stiff competition in the Carnival industry, Group Communication Specialist for IPM Penny Gomez said the band, which is going into its fourth year, remains unfazed.

“We are definitely not afraid of competition. At one point we were new as well. However we encourage the new bands to learn from the veteran band leaders.”

Lewis echoed similar sentiments. “We embrace competition, it gives the masquerader more options. We don’t want to be better than anybody. We don’t look at the other bands as competitors. We really do wish all of them luck,” said Lewis.

Quality matters

Gomez said assuring all masqueraders get quality for money is always high on the band’s agenda. “When you think of IPM mas, you don’t only think of jumping up. We offer a quality mas experience.

Lewis asserted: “The masquerader playing with us can expect an all inclusive band, exceptionally good catering services, high security, among other amenities. We want our masqueraders to have a true heavenly experience.

“We also offer a great mix of designers — Crystal Aming, Diane Hunt, Sonia Mark, Sandra Hordatt, Tisha Neilson, Tiffany and Fazad Mohammed.”


Island People will hold its official band launch on Sunday evening at the Queen’s Park Oval in Woodbrook.

“It’s going to be great. We are going to do something that we have never done before. We are very excited,” said Lewis. “It’s our interpretation of heaven on earth. Heaven is really what you make it.”

More info

Call Island People Mas at:

625-1fun (1386)

or visit:


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LIZ MANETTE....authentic steel pan fashion accessories

At this year's Pan Alive competition I received the above flyer showcasing Liz Mannette's authentic steelpan fashion accessories. I remember reading an article about Liz a while back so I was very excited to see that her work was being promoted in Toronto. After checking out the website I am very interested in the guitar pan ring (hint hint to all my friends.....Christmas is right around the corner...LOL). But seriously, on my next trip to Trinidad I definitely want to check out her store. For all those living in Trinidad, Liz Manette Inc. is located at #10 Queen's Park West, Suite 6, Port of Spain. PH: 868-623-5420

Also check out the website for the online catalogue:

Liz has also created a blog to follow the development of her company so check that out too!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance???

My summer addiction came to an end tonight and I am so happy Joshua has been crowned America's favourite dancer. YAY!!! I love little Joshua. (

Now I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance Canada to start in the fall........

Hamilton MardiGras Carnival

One the benefits of playing mas for Caribana is that you get to use your costume twice. Hamilton MardiGras Carnival takes place this weekend and quite a few Caribana bands will be participating. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to go to Hamilton yet but from what I hear its a fabulous time as masqueraders are free to jump through the streets sans "STORMERS"

So if you're ready for one last jump up......head to Hamilton!!!

Check the link for more info:

Launch of 'Heaven On Earth' 2009

I received this email update from Island People today......IP masqueraders get ready!!!

Island People Mas wishes to announce the launch of its 2009 Carnival presentation:

‘Heaven on Earth’, on Sunday August 17, 2009 at the Queen's Park Oval.

We are particularly excited about the thought of enjoying this event with all who have supported us over the years.

Meanwhile, we have been working persistently to enhance all aspects of our production so that everyone benefits from the complete experience. Your constructive criticism in this process has been important to us, as we seek to develop an excellent product. You will find that we have taken on board some of the suggestions that you’ve made in our 2008 production and will further incorporate your valuable ideas for 2009.

If you need to update your contact information please visit the following link:

Tickets for the launch go on sale from Friday 8th August at the following locations DH Gift Long Circular and West Mall, If House at 105 Tragarete Road, committee members and at the Mas Camp. Tickets are $200.00 2-4-1 drinks. Past masqueraders enjoy a discounted price of $150.00 up to two tickets (at the Mas Camp only) and must walk with a form of ID.

Each day in this journey we call life is one to be celebrated. We at Island People Mas invite you our members to join us as jubilant revellers as we show the world –that in our hearts and our souls we are island people and we’re making our "HEAVEN on EARTH - it's what you make it”.

ISLAND PEOPLE MAS “The fun has just begun”

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Costume Ordeal......on Caribana Friday no less!!

I had the worst Caribana costume pick-up experience this year!! I say Caribana costume pick-up because I've endured some pretty bad T&T Carnival costumes pick-ups but I will save those stories for another blog entry.

Anyway, costume distribution was supposed to start at 11:00 a.m. on Caribana Friday. Now, in my past experience picking up my costume on this day has always been a breeze. While its far from the pick-up day of choice, I've always managed to walk in, get my costume, check it over and leave within 20 minutes.

Well that certainly did NOT happen this year. I arrived at the mas camp around 11:45 a.m and I was handed a ticket by the security man waiting at the front door. As I entered the building imagine my surprise to find a crowded room of revellers waiting for their number to be called.
YIKES.....what is going on here?

I'll now skip through the hunger pangs, headache, deep sighs, and frustration to 3:30 p.m.

Finally number 530 is called!!!

So I make my way to the next room to pay off the balance of my costume. I hand over my receipt to the band leader, making sure to make mention of my displeasure with the wait I had to endure. It is at this point the dramatic music should commence........

As band leader checks over my receipt and tries to locate me in the computer system, a puzzled look suddenly appears on his face.

I quietly enquired, "Is something wrong?"
He asks, "What section are you registered in?"

dun dun dun......WHAT!!!!

This CANNOT be happening. I won't go through the entire exchange between me and band leader but this has to be every masquerader's worst nightmare. You go to pick up your costume, the day before the parade, only to be told you have no costume. You see, it seems that although my receipt clearly stated what section I wanted to play in, the individual who registered me in the band computer system put me in a different section altogether

But wait!! You may be wondering why I said I had no costume. After all, even though I was registered in the incorrect section, a costume must surely have been made for me. Oh no!! That section leader came back to report that he had no costume for me. And as for the section leader for the costume I did want......he too reported there was no costume made for me.

I was now on the brink of tears, my frustration compounded by the long wait I had already endured. Yelling and getting on, however, is not in my personality. Lucky for band leader!!

So continuing with my tale, I was promised by band leader that he would resolve the situation and I must say that he did. Somehow, the section leader was able to find a costume fitting all my measurements and a bag was created for me on the spot. Thank you Jesus!

I thought my Caribana was about to be done before it even started........

And now, reflecting on my horrible experience I know why I have not completely written off this band. The band leader acknowledged the mistake made by his staff, apologised and took full responsibility for the error made, assured that the situation would be resolved, and most importantly delivered on that assurance while keeping me calm. I also truly admire the artistry and concepts involved in their costumes and have always had a wicked time with them on the road.

I will however be re-addressing my concerns with the band in the hopes that measures will be taken next year to avoid these type of hiccups for me and my fellow masqueraders.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Caribana Parade Results


Judging critiria: Each band must portray a theme suitable of the Carnival masquerade tradition, and a panel of volunteer judges will adjudicate each band based on the following criteria: Visual Impact (max. 20 marks); Authenticity (10); Creativity (20); Mas on the Move (10); Clarity of Theme (10); Presentation (20); and Craftsmanship (10) for a total of 100 marks.

The order of merit is determined by discarding the highest and lowest score per participant. The judges’ decision is final, and is announced at the end of the parade.

2008 Scotiabank Caribana™ Band of the Year (Category A)

1st ALKEBU’LAN – Toronto Revellers (Jamaal Magloire)

2nd THE DEEP – Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club (Louis Saldenah)

3rd PIRATES – Carnival Nationz (Curtis Eustace)

2008 Scotiabank Caribana™ Band of the Year (Category B&C)

1st SOMEWHERE IN THE ORIENT – Nip Davis & Associates (Selwyn “Nip” Davis)

2nd DANCING WITH THE STARZ – Jessie Matthews & The Calabash Company (Jessie Matthews)

3rd EXOTICA – Evolution Carnival (Andre & Ken Defreitas)

I found this note quite interesting. It explains how bands are categorized for the parade.
Traditionally, there are 16 competing mas band spots per year that are hotly contested. They are divided into three (3) categories:

Category “A” Bands:
Mas Bands #1 – #8
Composed of the top six (6) adjudicated “A” bands from the previous year plus the top two (2) adjudicated “B” bands from the previous year for a total of 8 bands. Inclusion determined by marks awarded only. Size of band not a determining factor.

Category “B” Bands:
Mas Bands #9 – #14
Composed of the seventh- and eighth-placed Category “A” bands from the previous year, plus the 11th- through to 14th-placed Category “B” bands from the previous year for a total of six bands. Inclusion determined by marks awarded only. Size of band not a determining factor.

Category “C” Bands:
Mas Bands #15 & #16
Composed of two new, or returning mas bands (after said returning band sits out one year of competition). Any of these bands can advance from Category “C” to Category “A” in one year.

For 2008, instead of having 16 competing mas bands, there were only 15 competing mas bands comprising:
eight (8) competing “A” bands;
five (5) competing “B” bands; and
two (2) competing “C” bands.

Results from Pan Alive 2008

Its a repeat for Salah........


1st Salah Steel Academy – Puncernelly – Defosto – Winston Scarborough – Salah Wilson

2nd Afropan Steelband – 10 Commandments of Pan – Tony Prescott – Jason “Peanut” Isaac/Ingrid Depleza – Earl La Pierre

3rd Silhouettes Steel Orchestra – Sweet Soca Man – Baron – Winsford Devine – Mark Mosca

4th Panatics

5th Pan Masters

6th Pan Fantasy

7th St James Sounds

8th New Dimension

9th Jesse Ketchum

10th Metrotones

11th Symphonics

12th Hamilton Youth Orchestra

Pics from King & Queen

The King and Queen competition is one of my favourite Caribana events. I love the vibe at this show. Its a real family affair and everyone is in a party mood as the Caribana weekend steadily approaches. If you've never been before I definitely recommend it. However, there's one thing you should know about Lamport Stadium........ the seats are hard.....real hard!! So if you plan on going next year make sure to walk with a cushion for yuh bamsee! And don't worry about feeling out of place, everybody does it including me (LMAO)
Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late for the competition and I managed to miss the Female Individuals. Arriving late also meant I didn't have best seats for taking pics. Anyway, enjoy some of the images I did manage to catch.........

2008 Queen of the Bands

2008 King of the Bands

Results from King and Queen Competition

Here are the unofficial results as posted on the Caribana website:

2008 Scotiabank Caribana ™ King of the Bands
1st Roland Alleyne – “Mystical Dragon” – MAGIC OF THE ZODIAC – Callaloo

Satish Narinesingh – “King Abuitzotl – Savage Warrior of D’Aztecs” – WHAT CORTEZ SAW – D AZTECS – Pleasure Players

3rd Ron Belfon – “Barbarosa” – PIRATES – Carnival Nationz

2008 Scotiabank Caribana ™ Queen of the Bands
1st Joella Crichton – “Rhapsody” – VISIONS – THRU ONE’S EYES – Toronto Caribbean Connection - TCC
2nd Tamara Alleyne-Gittens – “Anne Bonny – Mistress of Calico Jack” – PIRATES – Carnival Nationz
3rd Lenore Catherson – “Peesunt, The Daughter of Kitwana” – WHAT CORTEZ SAW – D AZTECS – Pleasure Players

2008 Scotiabank Caribana ™ Male Individual of the Year
1st Martin Scott-Pascall – “D’Worshipper Warrior” – ALKEBU’LAN – BEYOND THE NILE – Toronto Revellers
2nd Shane Mungal – “The Body Snatcher” – DEEP RISING – Tribal Knights
3rd Kerth Alexander – “Sextant Horizon” – PIRATES – Carnival Nationz

2008 Scotiabank Caribana ™ Female Individual of the Year
1st Alicia Anderson – “Birth of We Rhythm” – RHYTHMS – The Genesis Carnival Production
2nd Penne Sutherland – “D’Princess of Ama Zula” – ALKEBU’LAN – BEYOND THE NILE – Toronto Revellers
3rd Carol Cuffie – “Aurora – Goddess of Dawn” – VISIONS – THRU ONE’S EYES – Toronto Caribbean Connection - TCC

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