Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carnival Nationz - Mythical Creatures


And so the story goes… written in the book of ole… of a time and land far far away… dark and mysterious… buried deep in the murky mayhem of thunder and lightening… cursed by the Gods but blessed by the blood of warlords… there lived amongst the madness strange magical entities.

The tales are plentiful and encounters oft rife with danger but the beauty and splendor of these beings have long captivated man and transcended time. Innate amongst human instincts is the drive to unravel the myth and be consumed by the rapture and magnificence associated with these beings.

For Toronto Carinval 2011… Carnival Nationz will take its band to that far away land, to a time where magic ruled and the world was dominated and fully immersed in the realm of


On Saturday 7th May
19yrs & Older ~ ID a MUST!!!

The journey to the lands where all MYTHICAL CREATURES live will begin… come join us on this magical !!

Date: Saturday 7th May, 2011
Venue: The Phoenix Concert Theatre
(410 Sherbourne St., Toronto @ Carlton St.)
19yrs & Older ~ ID a MUST!!
DJs: cnz cnz cnz
cnz cnzcnz

Host: cnz& cnz

Time: 10pm onwards…
Adm: $20 adv ~ more @ the door…
Please check the website for more information and for the easy purchase process…

The Printing Press Inc. [Scar] @ 416.291.3292
Play-de-Record [downtown] @ 416.971.7529
Charlie’s [Miss.] @ 905.896.3663
Drupati’s [Etobicoke] @ 416.745.4189
Nicey’s [Brampton] @ 905.450.6045
Mona’s Roti [Scar] @ 416.412.1200

Info: Marcus @ 416.565.4079
Bryce @ 416.985.8488
Dwayne @ 416.930.9650

Section Leaders:
Hayden “Pumpkin” @ 416.220.4972
Ross @ 416.301.7761
Al/Brant @ 416.684.5062 & 416.456.6984
Denise @ 416.820.3304
Jenny @ 416.833.4640 ~ ~ ~

cnz: join the carnival nationz or carnival nationz miami facebook user groups... plus bryceaguiton or islandboyz or dbandit groups


Look out for:

  1. CNz brand new website launch… – launching right after the band launch
  2. CNz Registration week – first week of May @ our mas camp
  3. KIDDIES Carnival: LIL’Nationz – launch in June
  4. Carnival Nationz Annual Boat Cruise – July


Sims4Life said...

I am beyond excited, cant wait. I am there... :)

de cocoa panyol said...


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