Saturday, July 16, 2011

UNOFFICIAL 2011 Junior Carnival Results

Rank, Band Leader, Band Theme, Points

Parade of the Bands

1. Jamaal Magloire, Toronto Revellers, Welcome to Oz, 261
2. Dexter Seusahai, Tribal Knights, Legends, 260
3. Marcus Eustace, Carnival Nationz, Mythical Creatures, 259

Male Individual

1. Jalen Gause, The Timid King, Jamaal Magloire/Toronto Revellers, Welcome to Oz
2. Maven Lee, Symphony of D’ Sea, Mark Deleon / Mas Toronto, Mas in Atlantis- A Carnival Mythology
3. Courtney St. Louis, Guardian of the Rainforest, Dexter Seusahai / Tribal Knights, Legends

Female Individual

1. Anastasia La Rose, Good Witch of the North, Jamaal Magloire/Toronto Revellers, Welcome to Oz
2. Canisha Edwards, Lost Treasures, Dexter Seusahai/Tribal Knights, Legends
3. Sariah Seon, Jelly Jamboree – Shake and Wine, Mark Deleon / Mas Toronto, Mas In Atlantis - A Carnival Mythology

Queen of the Bands

1 Calena Seusahai, Cleopatra, Dexter Seusahai/Tribl Knights, Legends
2 Rebecca Martinez, Hope and Tranquility, Narisa Ali/Blues Carnival Fusion, Mirage of Drums
3. Shanisse Kaola Jackson, Arabian Dancer, Will Morton / Fantazia International, Come Dance With Me

King of the Bands

1. Demeko Minott, The Gryphon, Marcus Eustace / Carnival Nationz, Mythical Creatures
2 Fabion Lee, Young King Neptune, Mark Deleon / Mas Toronto, Mas in Atlantis A Carnival Mythology
3 Ty Williamson, Tim Man, Jamaal Magloire / Toronto Revellers, Welcome to Oz


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