Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saldenah Pick-up Schedule

Blackhole - July 25th 6-10, July 26th 6-10

Vixens of Venus - July 25th 3-10

Galactic Tango - July 26th 5-10

D Visitors - July 26th 5-10

Solar Flare - July 23th 6-10, July 24th 6-10, July 25th 6-10

SuperNova- July 27th 3-10, July 28th 3-10, July 29th 3-10

Cyborg - Male July 24th to July 29th All Day. Women July 27th All Day, July 28th 10-3

Lunar Eclipse - July 25th All Day

Keepers Of The Universe, Umbriel, Milky Way, Cosmic Nebula and Cosmic Bliss will be in contact with Masqueraders via phone and email.

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Anonymous said...

This will be my first and last time playing with Saldenah. I have never seen a pick up schedule change 3 times in the spans of 4 days.I dose play mas in TnT and Toronto and this is a first for me. Band leaders acting like people dose not work any where. The band lead that were supposed to contact masquerader by email or by phone still has not done that. Some masquerader have been contacted and other have not.
This is 4 days before the carnival. I already heard from others that went to pick up there costumes that size was wrong. And that band leaders had masqueraders waiting at the mas camp for over any hour. Because band leader where late on arrival. This was a lesson well learned.

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