Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Mas Bands for 2015 Toronto Carnival? Time will tell.....

Hi Readers,

Earlier this month the Toronto Mas Bands Association (T.M.B.A) announced they were accepting applications for New Competitive (Costumed) Mas Bands for this year's parade.

I wonder if this will mark the entrance of Mardi Gras TT to the Toronto scene?  Seen as a cheaper alternative to the ultra-exclusive T&T bands, Mardi Gras TT markets themselves as the Ultimate VIP Street Party.  There has been some internet chatter about this band starting up in Toronto....if they apply will they fit the T.M.B.A.'s criteria?

And what about the possibility of Epic Mas ( is currently under redesign) coming to Toronto?  Could Machel and his Toronto based management be considering expansion from Hollywood to the TDot?  Check out Machel's Epic Mas Toronto shirt at last year's parade.....hmmm....look trouble

The application deadline was February 16, 2015 so time will tell if masqueraders will have new options for the road this 2015 Toronto Carnival.  

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