Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 Kaiso 365 Calypso Monarch Results.....Congratulations Macomere

The 2010 "Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch competition took place in the Imperial Oil Auditorium at the Ontario Science Centre before a full house and was won by Macomere Fifi (real name Eulith Woods). Performing two outstanding songs written by Winston “Skippy” Maingot and Carlyle Bailey, Fifi also captured the People's Choice Award. The official results:

9. Penshioner –
“It Ain’t Right” / “De Pum Pum Band”

8. DeCarra - “Teach Them” / “Airport Incident”

7. Naki - “Sterilize Them” / “No More Tears To Cry”

6. Guney - “When It’s We” / “Pan Still Sounding Sweet”

5. Smokey - “Mental Slavery” / “Caribana Again”

4. Calypso Web - “Mother Earth Is Crying” / “Capitalism Dying”

3. Structure - “The House Is Falling Down” / “We Watching You”

2. Redman - “Politically Correct” / “Under The Influence”

1. Macomere Fifi - “Haiti Will Rise Again” / “Your Turn To Die”

Macomere Fifi, who won the crown in 2008, was also awarded several of the Special Awards: Best Lyrics, Best Melody, Best Arrangement, Best Presentation, Most Original Calypso and Best Rendition. The Best Composition of a Local Topic was won by Structure and Most Humorous Calypso was captured by Penshioner. The evening was hosted by popular stage personality Itah Sadu and featured a special appearances by the 2009 U.K. Monarch Akima Paul and up-and-coming Rashida - a 13-year old who thrilled audiences this year.

In addition to the cash prize of over $5,000., Macomere Fifi will receive a trip to London, England for the Notting Hill Carnival and at trip to Atlanta for the 2011 Georgia Caribbean Carnival.

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