Friday, April 23, 2010

Genesis Carnival

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Genesis Carnival Production (G.C Production) has flown from paradise and come to spread its beauty through the streets of Toronto. Launching their 2010 collection appropriately titled, A Thing of Beauty, creative directors Jerry and Russell Jerome have achieved their most inspirational theme yet.

Prepared for the most sophisticated release of the season, G.C Production will launch, A Thing of Beauty on, Saturday May 1st, 2010. The event will be hosted at, G.C Production mas camp located - 1603 Eglington Avenue West, south-west corner of Eglington and Oakwood.

Launch details:
• Kick off festivities 4pm
• 2010’s Kiddies collection Showcase 6pm
• Adult presentation, ‘A Thing of Beauty’ 8pm sharp

Creative masterminds behind, A Thing of Beauty have defined the launch as one which will, capture and absorb its audience. The evening will boast a selection of sacred tropical birds, symbolic birds of the seasons, and precious birds which can only be classified as complete paradise.

G.C Production has built its foundation on creative designs that uplift the individual and illuminates Caribbean heritage. Staying true to Genesis Carnival principles, A Thing of Beauty promises to, “Illuminate the Lakeshore with an effervescent array of life.” (Jerry and Russell Jerome)

For further information or to order your costume from the 2010 collection, ‘A Thing of Beauty’, contact a G.C Production representative:, 647.888.6716, 416.347.9705

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