Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Woi......more Tribe Toronto Bacchanal!!!

This message was sent to all members of Tribe Toronto's Facebook group today:

Andre De Freitas sent a message to the members of TRIBE TORONTO.


Good Day Members, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for joining our group. Day by Day our group continues to grow and you can imagine how we will be down the road for 2010. "Nothing but Madness"

However this note to inform you that many big bands are trying to bring downTRIBE TORONTO, and we will not have this. We just wanted you to be aware of what the behind scenes look like.

My Question is are they afraid of competition and a new generation? Are they afraid that they will not be able to meet TRIBE TORONTO standards?

They have called a meeting this Saturday to try and vote us out but according to the RULES & REGS this is not possible.

We will publish the names of the bands so you can see where your loyalty should stand!

Have your say on our Wall so we can convey your thoughts to these bandleaders.

Thank You,


Well well well..........


Carllie said...

What an insult to all mas builder out there too think that tribe has too come to toronto in order too make Mas here better Mr De Freitas i guess Ken DeFreitas(you father) is included in that since he has been involved in and has had for many many years his mas band the same band that you now want to call Tribe-please grow up. STOP misleading masquerders out there-the reason u cant bring tribe through the back door into toronto is the same reason you could not portray King in TRINIDAD rules and reg.

Sara M said...

I guess Andre and Tribe are now here too save caribana because it seems that the mas builders have been doing it wrong for 40 years(full of your self much Andre)i agree you have insulted all mas builder and band leaders for he last 40 years your dad must be so proud!!!!!!!!!!

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