Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New band TruDYNASTY is offering its masqueraders the opportunity to play mas in Atlanta. Check out the FB message below.....

Thea Jackson sent a message to the members of I wanna play mas with TruDYNASTY Carnival. --------------------
Subject: Hey Hey!!!

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you all are having a great start to the year and are sticking to your resolutions if you have any ;) Just wanna give you an update about what's been going on! SO!!! Experience The VIBE -Thea & Dario have their own band. It is called TruDYNASTY Carnival and we are READY to give you an absolutely AMAZING experience! Not only will you be able to take part in Toronto's Caribana Parade BUT we also have a band in ATLANTA Carnival and you can jump up with us down there as well!! If you have EVER played mas with us and still have your costume (or at least pieces of it) you can join us in Atlanta. (those who have not played with us are welcome too but you cannot use your costume) Their parade day will be May 29th, 2010 and we are planning a BUS TRIP!!! wooohooo!!

So what I would like to ask all of you is...If you could go to Atlanta Carnival for $200-$250 (trip and accommodations included) would you be interested??! The trip is open to anyone. If you have one of our costumes you can wear it. If you want to buy a costume you can also do so for a very low cost. AND, if you just wanna come for the ride and experience, you are welcome to do so as well. SO...please respond to this message and let me know! The point of this is to see how many buses we should reserve :) A 50% deposit would be required to reserve your spot. The bus would leave Thursday night and return Sunday night. You will stay in the heart of Atlanta and an itinerary will be created for those who wish to follow it.

On another note, we would like to welcome the SOCA WARRIOR CREW back on board! Stay tuned for our events featuring their dj's alongside DJ DOC!!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. Please keep in touch!!

We have a few more surprises up our sleeve so stay tuned!


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