Sunday, January 17, 2010

All Spice and Tribe Toronto

If you were wondering about the fate of All Spice Carnival for Caribana 2010 then check out this blog entry from Trinidad Carnival Diary. In their press release All Spice reveals that they will not be bringing out their own band for 2010 but will instead be joining Saldenah Mas K Club to present two sections. This year Saldenah Mas K Club's presentation is entitled "Portraits" and All Spice's sections are: Portraits of Indonesia & Portraits of India. The press release also confirms that Andre De Freitas is no longer with the All Spice team, however, Daryl Cox (IslandPride out of Boston) remains as a designer.

Well after claiming victory in 2009 as Band of the year Category B &C, its a bit disappointing that All Spice is not returning to competition even bigger and better with their own presentation. However, all is not lost for those masqueraders who enjoyed their All Spice experience last year. Best of luck to the All Spice crew with their sections.....

And good news for all those interested in Tribe Toronto. According to entries on their FB page, Tribe Toronto is Band #8 on the road. I am not sure how that was determined since traditionally new bands are towards the end of the parade but perhaps the Caribana Festival Management Committee and the Toronto Mas Band Association have implemented new rules. The FB page also states that Tribe Toronto will feature new costumes and not those from this year's Trinidad we shall see what's in store.

Can you believe it....all this Caribana excitement and its only January!!!

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