Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 "Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch Results

Nine calypsonians from across the GTA vied for top prizes in the "Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch Competition on Saturday, July 18th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre (CNE Grounds). The nine "Kaiso 365" finalists were Structure, Calypso Crooner, Susan G., Spice, Beginner, Redman, Macomere Fifi, King Cosmos, and Naki. They performed two newly-composed calypsos before a panel of judges and each song was awarded a maximum of 100 points divided into five (5) categories: Lyrics 35, Melody 20, Vocal Rendition 25, Presentation 10, and Originality 10.

The results for 2009 "Kaiso 365" Calypso Monarch Competition:
1st Redman - Black Hen Chicken / Ah Done With Picong
2nd Calypso Crooner - Congratulations Obama / Living Backwards
3rd Structure - Manifesto for the People / My Social Commentary
4th Macomere Fifi - I Eh Taking No More / Call Me By Name
5th Naki - Ah Real Vex / T'ings Brown
6th Susan G - Who Bailing We Out / Pollution School
7th Spice - Heroes / Data Collector
8th King Cosmos - Michelle and the Queen / The Summit
9th Beginner - Out of Nowhere He Came / Take Back Caribana

Awards categories:
Arrangement - Winston Maingot / I Eh Taking No More
Local Content (tied) - Bryan Thornhill / My Social Commentary & Michael Thomas / Black Hen Chicken
Humor - Michael Thomas / Black Hen Chicken
Lyrics - Michael Thomas / Black Hen Chicken
Melody - Winston Maingot / I Eh Taking No More
Rendition - Macomere Fifi / I Eh Taking No More
Originality - Bill Newman / Living Backwards

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