Monday, July 20, 2009

Roll Call......Caribana 2009

Hey Readers,
Only 11 days before the big day and hopefully by now you've managed to pick a band and your section! So that begs the question.........WHO YUH PLAYING WITH?
This is the official 2009 Caribana roll call.........let's here who you'll be jumping up with this year. I'll start things off:
De Cocoa Panyol: Carnival Nationz - Lychee
Oh yes, and just in case you're a procrastinator and you're still looking to play mas, here is a complete list of all the bands in order of appearance along with contact info and mas camp location.

Band #1 (Category A)
Mas Toronto (Errol & Alicia Achue)
2009 Theme: Into D Wild
Mas Camp Address:
Phone: 416-283-6161

Band #2 (Category A)

Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club (Louis Saldenah)
2009 Theme: A Tribute to Harold Saldenah – The Golden Years
Mas Camp Address: 787 Warden Avenue (south of Eglinton Avenue), Scarborough, ON Mas Camp Hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - midnight
Phone: 416-444-9118 416-560-4419 416-843-4215

Band #3 (Category A)
Nip Davis & SCSC (Selwin “Nip” Davis)
2009 Theme: Dis Is Africa
Mas Camp Address: 60 Barbados Blvd, Units 4 & 5, Scarborough, ON
Mas Camp Hours:
2pm - midnight - daily
Phone: 416-286-0097 647-242-7715 905-940-2944

Band #4 (Category A)
Callaloo (Marlon Singh)
2009 Theme: The Ganges Meets The Nile
Mas Camp Address:
Phone: 416-576-0694 416-845-3754

Band #5 (Category A)
Carnival Nationz (Marcus Eustace, Bryce Aguiton & Dwayne Pitt)

2009 Theme:
In Full Bloom

Mas Camp Address: 533 McNicoll Avenue (Victoria Park Road and McNicoll Avenue), North York, ON
Mas Camp Hours:
Monday to Friday 6-9pm (except on holidays); Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm
Phone: 416-565-4079 416-985-8488 416-930-9650

Band #6 (Category A)

Toronto Revellers (Jamaal Magloire)
2009 Theme: Brazil – Bachannal In Rio
Mas Camp Address: 1530 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, ON
Mas Camp Hours:
Monday - Saturday & Holidays - 4pm to 10pm
Phone: 647-827-5745 289-232-0366 416-709-0632

Band #7 (Category A)
Tribal Knights (Dexter Seusahai)
2009 Theme: Birds Of Paradise
Mas Camp Address: 83 Dynamic Drive, Units 11 & 12 (Markham Road & McNicoll Avenue), Scarborough, ON
Mas Camp Hours: Sunday 12 - 9pm, Monday - Thursday 11am - 9pm, Friday & Saturday 11am - 11pm
Phone: 416-893-1867 416-396-3780

Band #8 (Category A)
Jessie Matthews & All Ah We Toronto (Cy & Jessie Mathews)

2009 Theme: All Board
Mas Camp Address:
90 Melford Drive, Unit 2, Scarborough, ON as of June 1, 2009
Phone: 416-283-2238 905-924-1716

Band #9 (Category B)

Borokeete Nex Generation (Anthony Joseph)
2009 Theme: 20TEN – A Tribute to the Olympics
Mas Camp Address: 55 Nuggett Avenue, Scarborough, ON
Phone: 416-452-9973

Band #10 (Category B)

Pleasure Players (Whitfield Balasco)
2009 Theme: Dragon Masters of the Shaolin Temple
Mas Camp Address: 45 Ernest Avenue (Bloor & Dundas West), Toronto, ON
Phone: 905-568-9136

Band #11 (Category B)
Connections – TCC (Mervyn Skeete)
2009 Theme: Gem Stones
Mas Camp Address: 705 Progress Avenue, Scarborough ON
Phone: 416-492-5584 647-295-5584
Band #12 (Category B)
Doldron, Doldron & Associates (Courtney Doldron)
2009 Theme: Mas Hysteria
Mas Camp Address: 1790 Albion Road (@ HWY 27), Eotobicoke, ON
Phone: 416-986-7875 647-928-5609 416-779-4211
NEW MAS BANDS for 2009
Band #13 (Category B)
All Spice Carnival (Curtis Eustace & Andre DeFreitas)
2009 THEME: Safari
Mas Camp Address: 538 Gordon Baker Road (Victoria Park and Steeles Avenue), Scarborough, ON
Phone: 416-728-6504 416-660-9154
Band #14 (Category C)
All d’Friendz (Sherry Lee Kam)
2009 Theme: Dance With Me
Mas Camp Address: N/A
Phone: 416-287-6309 416-238-5323
Band #15 (Category C)
Fantazia International (Will Morton)
2009 Theme: A Taste Of Brazil
Mas Camp Address: 501 Passmore Avenue, Unit 23 (Markham Road and Passmore Avenue), Scarborough, ON
Phone: 289-888-1247

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Reppin Revellers - Samba Dancer

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