Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I completely missed the premiere of SOUL last week but you can catch tonight's episode at 9 p.m. on Vision TV. This new Canadian TV series was filmed in Halifax and features Canadian R&B songstress Keshia Chanté in the lead role.

About The Series
SOUL revolves around Mahalia Brown.

A young gospel singer with the Keystone Sanctuary Youth Choir, Mahalia has an unforgettable voice and an overwhelming passion for music. It's her elixir of life.

It's also her potion for commotion. When she puts it out there, nobody can resist. Not her choir director Dee Dee Washington. Not gospel powerhouse Isaiah Hunter from Cleveland Temple. And certainly not R&B producer Jamil Foster.

By the end of the first episode, Jamil has discovered Mahalia. He whispers eductively: "God has given you an amazing voice; let me make you a star."

But Mahalia also hears the voice of her father, Pastor Clinton Brown: "I named you Mahalia for a reason. Serve God and God alone. He'll take your voice where it needs to go."

Mahalia is at a crossroads. She loves the church, she loves God … but she also has a musical gift that she wants to share with the whole world. Can she have it all? Can she be spiritual in a material world? SOUL follows her struggle to answer this question.

Mahalia's older brother Malcolm has no such concerns: he wants to be a music producer, and the type of music doesn’t matter. To this end, he's hooked up with Jason, a white DJ with street cred, and with the United Nations, a street gang with big ambitions, led by the formidable Shaka.

Mahalia's father, the pastor of Keystone Sanctuary, has concerns of his own. He’s the one who brought Dee Dee, a former R&B star, into the church. But Dee Dee's troubled past and her approach to leading the choir has ruffled some feathers. Meanwhile, Clinton's wife Roslyn is doing her best to make sure Dee Dee doesn't find her way into the good pastor’s heart.

With best friends Samson and Alicia beside her, Mahalia is setting out on a quest that will take her through many worlds — churches, clubs, gangs, studios — as she tries to make peace between her ambitions and her beliefs. But those friends start to turn away when the journey inspires jealousy and reveals harsh truths — about them, and about Mahalia herself.

SOUL is a series about music and faith in an urban world. It's about honesty, connection and growth — and about trying to do the right thing, no matter what the cost.

Visit the SOUL website for more info about the show:

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