Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 Band of the Year

Large Band of the Year (George Bailey Award)
  1. Brian MacFarlane - Africa: Her People, Her Glory, Her Tears
  2. Trini Revellers - Sweet T&T—A Tribute To T&T
  3. Legacy - Kingdom of the Dragon
  4. Island People - Heaven on Earth

Medium Band of the Year (Harold Saldenah Award)
  1. Ronnie & Caro - The Mas Band- Bakkanal
  2. Trevor Wallace - Dance Yuh Dance
  3. D'Krewe - Iere Virgin Paradise

Small Band of the Year (Lil Hart Award)
  • De Midas T&T - Empires of De Sun

Large Junior Band of the Year
  • Rosalind Gabriel and Associates - National Pride

Medium Junior Band of the Year

  • Classic Productions - Heighten

Small Junior Band of the Year

  • Spence Productions - The Rainbow Cycle

Mini Junior Band of the Year

  • Rosemary Perkins - Sunny

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