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Tribal Knights - News & Updates

April 10, 2011

First and foremost, the entire TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ team wants to say "Thank You" for attending our 2011 presentation of LEGENDS on April 2, 2011 and we look forward to bringing you an exciting Carnival season. Special thanks goes out to all the models, volunteers, make-up artists, DJs, MC's, administrative team, media and the staff at The Grand Luxe Event Boutique for a splendid event.

Now, we know you have been eagerly awaiting information about our website, photos and registration. Well, you can count on TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ to give you all the details to make your experience with us one that you will want to have over and over again.

Our website is currently being updated to reflect our 2011 collection and membership packages, and our official TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ LEGENDS costume photos will be posted this week. There are a number of outlets that have posted photos and video from our Band Launch, and several of them are linked to our NEW Facebook Page


A "legend" is a depiction of human events of historical figures that are believed by both storyteller and listeners to have taken place within our history, and to possess qualities that make you want to BELIEVE!! In the Spirit of Carnival, TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Band Leader Dexter Seusahai has set his sights this year on sharing his interpretation of LEGENDS of the World as we take to the road at D' Toronto Carnival 2011. This year, TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ is proud to bring you 12 beautiful sections each capturing the beauty and wonder of LEGENDARY people and places.

Legends of Cleopatra --

Section Leader: Craig Fredericks

The Northern Lights --

Section Leader: Tom Kirkelin

Legends of Spain --

Section Leader: Marlon Marcano

Legends of Africa --

Section Leader -- Ivy

Legends of The Orient --

Section Leader -- Troy Logan

Legends of The Black Pearl --

Section Leader -- Candice Narinesingh

One Love --

Section Leaders: Laverne, Trisha and Annie

Lost Treasures --

Section Leader: Natalie Hakim

Legends of Olympus --

Section Leader: Nicholas and Nigel

The Dreamcatcher --

Section Leader: Sean Ribeiro

La Femme Fatale --

Section Leader: Tamara Alleyne

Legends of The Rain Forest --

Section Leader: Sanjay Mangar


At TRIBAL KNIGHTS™, we are very pleased to offer you a Customer Satisfaction commitment to excellence with the following statement:

"We promise to provide you with products of excellent quality." -- Dexter Seusahai, Band Leader TRIBAL KNIGHTS™

  • We will be happy to repair your costume to "ready-to-wear" condition after Parade Day with the purchase of a TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Costume Warranty** so you may wear your costume again with TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ in 2011 or to have as a keepsake of your Toronto Carnival experience. (Must subscribe to this service to be eligible.)
  • We are happy to offer a Costume Delivery service to those who don't want to transport their costume themselves and is available within the Metro Toronto Area. Delivery will be to your home address unless otherwise stated, and deliveries will be made by zone in June and July. (Must subscribe to this service to be eligible.)
  • We are happy to introduce TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Membership Packages for anyone who wishes to support TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ in 2011. Membership packages are available to everyone, and include both FREE and PAID options. Membership may include but is not limited to: up-to-date information, merchandise, amenities, and more! Whether you put on a costume and march down the Lakeshore with us, or choose to watch from the sidelines, we can offer you many ways to show your support of TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Legends in 2011.
**please note that TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ reserves the right to inspect the condition of all costumes for repair, and can refuse repair on any costume that has been abused outside of normal wear and tear. Funds on no-repair costumes will be returned to costume owner within 5 business days of cancellation.


  • The TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Carnival Arts Centre located at 83 Dynamic Dr Units #11 & 12, Scarborough ON., officially opens Monday April 11th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily for registration and order placement.
  • Registration/order placement will be ONLINE at from the convenience of your home or the TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Carnival Arts Centre. (Order placement will be complete when payment is made in full at the TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Carnival Arts Centre)
  • Online registration and order placement can be accessed from
  • All Mas Players will be entitled to food, cold water and access to restroom facilities on the parade route.


At TRIBAL KNIGHTS™, we like to show our appreciation for our masqueraders by offering a few EARLY BIRD specials! Legends of Spain and Legends of Africa will be 20% offthe list price for ONE WEEK ONLY starting Monday April 11, 2011 to Friday April 15, 2011.


April 11 - TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Carnival Arts Centre opens daily for registration and order placement. (83 Dynamic Dr Units #11 and 12, Scarborough ON.)

May 5 to 9 - Cayman "Batabano" Carnival (Cayman Islands)

July 14 - Official Caribana Launch at Yonge and Dundas Square

July 28 -- Come root for TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ at the King and Queen Show (Lamport Stadium)

July 30 - Parade Day on di Lakeshore with TRIBAL KNIGHTS™

Look out for more DATES TO REMEMBER including TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ Customer Appreciation Fete, Summer Boat Ride, Miami Carnival and Kiddie's events!


At our Band Launch on April 2, 2011 we awarded one lucky winner with an all-inclusive trip to Miami Carnival in October. Everyone at TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ wishes to congratulateLeema Williams of Toronto, ON for having the winning door ticket! See you in Miami!

TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ IN THE MEDIA Thank you to all the media that came and showed us love and support at our Band Launch. Too many to name, but here are a few links to some of the ones that were sent to us. TDOT EXPOSED - ISLAND MIX - KARABANA.BLOGSPOT.COM - CARIB 101 - DANCEHALLSOCA.COM -


Dexter Seusahai - BAND LEADER

Phone: 647-886-1867


Gail Seusahai - Production Manager

Phone: 416-825-0563


Sean Ribeiro - Assistant Manager

Phone: 416-550-7176


Nicky Phillips - Public Relations

Phone: 905-399-5322


Adisa La Pierre - Administrative Support

Phone: 416-495-9551


Sanjay Mangar - Investment and Partnership Development

Phone: 647-300-8462






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