Monday, April 4, 2011

Toronto Revellers 2011 Band Launch

Toronto Revellers will be holding their band launch at their mas camp..... and it seems that there's an outside element to the event with what's described as an "outdoor, heated structure to fete like no other under the stars!" Oooo I'm intrigued!!

On April 30, 2011 OZ will be revealed like no other Band Launch for Caribana 2011.

We decided to create our own City…WHAT did you say?... Well, the Toronto Revellers are taking it to the next level- EMERALD CITY! We are building Emerald City from the ground up!

Our own outdoor, heated structure to fete like no other under the stars!

Not only will you see the all of the latest designs revealed as we Welcome OZ, but here is your chance to party, WIN a free costume and register with Toronto Revellers as we take A.D.V.A.N.T.A.G.E all the way down the Lakeshore!

Don’t miss out on WELCOME TO OZ @ Emerald City!

The Wizard is READY to unleash his fury!


LOT 2135 Sheppard Avenue E.
Admission: $20
Doors open at 9:00pm | Show starts at 11:20pm | 19+

EARLY BIRD Registration! Take ADVANTAGE of the early bird registration, costumes $160.

13 Emerald Sections

Toronto Revellers 2011 Band Launch Ticket Outlets
Scarborough - Mona's Roti | 4810 Sheppard Ave. E | 416-412-1200
Toronto - Real Jerk Restaurant | 709 Queen Street E. | 416-463-4055
Ajax - Taste of T&T Restaurant | 145 Kingston Road | 905-426-3352
Etobicoke - Drupati's | 975 Albion Road | 416-745-4189

Section Leader Contact Info
Attasha Jordan | | 416-831-7296
Andrea Boucaud and Leila Thomas | | 416-779-1143/647-401-2753
Joann Chase | | 647-866-7005
Nikki Brand-Dixon and Zakiya Ricketts | | 647-268-5629
Natalie Williams | | 416-735-5375
Giselle "The Wassi One" Blanche |
Yvette McBurnie | | 416-321-1274
Camille Lewis | | 613-864-8262
Christine Tetreault and Simone Russelburn | | 416-528-2325 / 416-616-6894
SugaCayne (Candice, Cherr, Sonia Stacey) | | 647-342-3040
Roger Taylor Montano | | 868-316-9194
Roxane Austin | | 647-831-3431

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