Friday, April 22, 2011

The New Callaloo Mas Band, Stronger and Hotter Than Ever !

The New Callaloo Mas Band, Stronger and Hotter Than Ever!

Get ready Toronto, Callaloo Mas is back and stronger than ever! With a new look and fresh concept, the New Callaloo Mas Band will be sizzling. Knowing when to step back and revitalize your vision has always been key to Mas longevity. Welcoming many new bright and creative minds to the Mas band, the Callaloo family has redefined their brand and sculpted a mas inspired vision.

As, The New Callaloo Mas Band, friends and supporters can expect a fulfilled experience of Carnival Life - A fusion of Caribbean culture, trendsetting, and excitement! Together, partners and brothers Marlon and Jason Singh form the creative-minds behind the New Callaloo Mas Band. Amped to exceed masquerader expectations, the New Callaloo Mas Band, is well on their way to delivering the most sought after entertainers to the road.

As co-owner of, as well as the bookings manager for an A-list roaster of internationally renown artists - Benjai, Shurwayne Winchester, Zoelah,Kerwin Du Bois, Ghetto Flex (just to name a few) - Jason Singh is undoubtedly prepping a heavy-weight line-up for the Caribana parade.

Although keeping quite mum on expected guest performers to chip down the Lakeshore alongside, The New Callaloo Mas Band, the Singh brothers have hinted toward a new element of surprise that could become their annual calling card. "It's a new year and we're feeling a new vibe. The New Callaloo Mas Band WILL feature a live band on the road! It’s about bringing the excitement and energy of an inclusive fete to the Lakeshore!"(Marlon Singh, Co-Bandleader)

With no boundaries in sight and every reason to celebrate the rejuvenated band The New Callaloo Mas Bandhas established quite the exciting referral incentive themed - New Callaloo For Cash - Any individual to bring a new Mas Player into purchase a costume will receive $10 cash!

Callaloo Band Lauch - "Native America's"
Saturday April 30th, 2011
Continental Soiree (Located -1957 Kennedy Rd.)
Musical Styling's – DJ. Jay, Junya Mennace, Loud Mout Chiney, PlayHouse, Crystal Vibes, JUK

For more on The New 2011 Callaloo Mas collection contact:

Jason Singh 416-998-6042 /

Marlon Singh 647-702-6169 /

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