Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Panorama Order of Appearance

Order of appearance

Medium Bands


1. Pan Elders - "A Raging Storm" (Alvin Gittens)

2. Power Stars - "It's Showtime (Arddin Herbert)

3. Katzenjammers - "Wake Up" (Edwin Pouchet)

4. NLCB Buccooneers - "Calling Meh" (Seion Gomez)

5. Steel Xplosion - "Wake Up" (Carlton Alexander)

6. Pamberi - "TKO" (Brian Villafana)

7. Sangre Grande Cordettes - "Calling Meh" (Andes Kappel)

8. Valley Harps - "Do Something For Pan" (Michelle Huggins-Watts)

9. Courts Sound Specialists - "Calling Meh" (Ken "Professor" Philmore)

10. Arima Angel Harps - "TKO" (Shelton Besson)

Large Bands


1. Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars - "It's Showtime" (Leon "Smooth" Edwards)

2. Sagicor Exodus - "Calling Meh" (Pelham Goddard)

3. NLCB Fonclaire - "A Raging Storm" (Ken "Professor" Philmore)

4. Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove - "Do Something For Pan" (Len "Boogsie" Sharpe)

5. WITCO Desperadoes - "Trini" (Beverly Griffith/A. Robles/Eddie Quarless)

6. Starlift - "In She Rainorama" (Liam Teague)

7. Caribbean Airlines Invaders - "Doh Be On Dat" (Arddin Herbert)

8. PCS Silver Stars - "It's Showtime" (Edwin Pouchet)

9. Petrotrin Siparia Deltones - "Trini" (Carlton Alexander)

10. RBC/RBTT Redemption Sound Setters - "It's Showtime" (Winston Gordon)

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