Saldenah and Toronto Revellers Band Launch Photos

Woohoo......more band launch pics from fellow super blogger Karabana.

Check out her and Trini-in-Toronoto's photos from both the Saldenah and Toronto Revellers band launches.


Karabana said…
So did you go to either Cocoa (or both :-))? Whadaya think????
de cocoa panyol said…
Hi Karabana, I din't make it to either so I really appreciate the teamwork by you and Trini-in-Toronto. My thoughts: I like the Toronto Revellers male costumes because I easily see how they fit the theme...struggling a bit with some of the female costumes though. However I am intrigued by Funkadelic! Saldenah is looking great....some cosutmes a bit too busy for me but I like Portraits of Indonesia!
Karabana said…
I hear ya, I hear ya. Yup, the male costumes sure scream disco, they look so good.

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