Thursday, April 2, 2009

Callaloo $99 Early Bird Special

Welcome to The NEW CALLALOO ....Moving Boundaries & Making Changes.....We Gone International ...We Staying Local .....

Any How .... Our Bandlauching is on MAY 9th @ the Lion's Gate Lounge(Kennedy & Progress ). We are Presenting for 2K9 " Ganges meets the Nile " and Its gonna be Wild - We Parting Waters ..& Conquering Kingdoms.

With that being said ... Here this:

On 9th of May inside Lion's gate (Kennedy & Progress). Admission is FREE for ALL Ladies before

Now.... There is a PLUS ....

If you Join our group " CALLALOO CARIBANA 2K9 " before bandlaunching day and you also Send us an email at any of our contacts that is shown in the group .. Telling us you want to play with Callaloo for 2K9 (THE NEW CALLALOO).

We will send you our E- registration form to fill out so that you can to receive our $99 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. How's That Sound. This is a Limited Time Promotion , but As Always -- Only @ CALLALOO!!! Doing It for you!!!

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