All Spice Carnival

More big news for Caribana 2009......we have another new band on the scene......All Spice Carnival!!! Very interesting as Curtis Eustace has left CNz and has combined his efforts with Andre DeFreitas (Evolution Carnival) to present "SAFARI". The band launch is scheduled for May 23, 2009 at a venue to be announced. Stay tuned for more details.......

To all,
First of all I would like to thank all of you who have supported me in the past and who continue to support me to this very day. Whether it may be through Unite D’Nationz, Memoirs of Soca, Las Lap, All Ah We Boat Cruise, 4 Kings Fete, Carnival Nationz, Evolution in Trinidad and lets not forget all those great times in Fortress North (Those who were there know exactly what I’m talking about).

Sadly, as life changes-so do people. Therefore, it is with deep regret that I announce my separation from the Carnival Nationz family in order to pursue my own ventures in life. In doing this I would like to also thank the rest of the the nationz family - for their continued support and enlightenment in all aspects of business and would like to wish them nothing but unparalleled success, not only now but also in the future wherever their paths lead them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that I am in the planning stages for the production of a new Mas Band for the 2009 Toronto Caribana Parade. It going to be a band with lots of energy, positive vibes, sexy ass costumes and crazy music! When fused together it cannot be called anything but “All Spice”. I personally think that there is and always will be room for improvement with our CARIBANA Parade.

With the experience I believe I possess, I hope to take this new venture to the highest level and try my best please the public. With that said, I look forward to your continued support, now and in the near future. May God bless and once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Curtis Eustace
Band Leader


Anonymous said…
I heard that Curtis was thrown out of the band not that he "left".
Anonymous said…
Whatever the case for the break up is, doesnt matter. Because without Eustace is Nationz, they are pretty much nuthing. Im hyped to see what ALL SPICE is going to bring to the table this year, with Eustaces expertise and Andre De Freitas' young generation mentality, this is definately a formula = success!
Was he not the band leader?
Anonymous said…
Curtis has the name but not the talent. He got where he is on his brother's work all Curtis had to do was portray the big costume and get the fame. His brother Marcus is the one that had the original section in Saldenah and Marcus was the one that designed and built the King and Queen costumes. He is still with nationz so it will be interesting to see what Curtis can acheive on his own...
LizAnn said…
He was one of the four bandleaders in Nationz. And from what I have heard it really is Marcus that has ALL the talent. I think that Marcus, Bryce and D'bandit can and will carry Nationz without Curtis because again from what I have heard they have been doing it without him for years!

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