Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boots for today's Trinidad Guardian

A model shows off a pair of crackled bronze high heeled boots at Tribe’s band launch.

Suzanne Bhagan

After Carnival 2K8, did your feet hurt? Why did you cram your toes into those impossibly high heeled, strappy sandals? Despite warnings, you did not dare downplay your costume with a pair of dowdy sneakers, spray-painted or otherwise. So for Carnival 2K9, what can you do? Adrian Dick, company director of Suri Shopping Company, offers a solution.

His company, the authorised local distributor for Piccadilly shoes, offers a new line—the Piccadilly Carnival Collection. Dick explains that when women returned to his shoe store after Carnival, they complained that they lost toenails, even broken their toes after “jumping up.” Dick’s brain cogs went into overdrive. He realised that suitable yet fashionable footwear was absent from the total Carnival costume package. He said, “Something was missing from waist down.”

Piccadilly is well-known for producing uber-comfortable office and casual footwear. Dick worked closely with the Brazilian shoe manufacturers to design the Carnival Collection. The company was delighted that Dick suggested an alternative market for their products. He adds, “We are, so to say, the pilots who came up with a niche market. Piccadilly can also be fun and what represents fun in Trinidad more than Carnival?”

This is the not the first time that Dick’s company has ventured into the Carnival market. For Carnival 2K8, Suri Shopping supplied boots to Island People. Masqueraders from other bands also bought Piccadilly boots off the shelf at the company’s shoe stores.

For 2K9, Dick has already launched the collection at Tribe, Trini Revellers, Wee International and Spice band launches. His company is no longer taking pre orders for boots but Dick assures masqueraders that if they visit any Shoekeepers’ branch, they can choose from a variety of boots on display.

Piccadilly’s Carnival Collection offer a wide range of boots. Made from man-made materials, all boots are lined and padded, ensuring absolute comfort for the wearer. Flat, slouch boots that lace up at the back promise a snug fit for any wearer. These come in crackled gold, silver, bronze, even red finishes. There are also high heeled boots for the “divas” out there in the same colours.

Available at $400 a pop, these boots are surprisingly affordable, given the comfort they offer. If you are sold, pick up your boots at any Shoekeepers branch.

The high heeled boot- up,close and personal.

more info

Piccadilly Carnival Collection is available at:

* Shoekeepers, No 10, A&S Mall, No 96 High Street, San Fernando.

* Shoekeepers, No 26, Excellent City Centre, Frederick Street, Port-of- Spain.

* Also, check out their Facebook group—Shoekeepers.

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