Wednesday, September 3, 2008

bmobile International Top-up

While surfing the net this evening I stumbled upon this special offer from bmobile. Apparently, one can now top up bmoblile accounts of friends and family from overseas. Just visit any location in the U.S. or Canada displaying the International Top Up Sign and follow these instructions as indicated on the bmoblie website:

Here's how
  • Provide the correct bmobile number to be topped up, making sure to specify T&T's country code 868 e.g. 868 123 4567
  • Request any amount between $5 and $75 in the currency where the top-up is being purchased e.g. $20 USD or $20 CAN
  • Pay for the value of the top-up requested
  • The cashier/agent will send the top-up to the mobile phone specified
  • The credit is applied to the bmobile number specified in TT dollars and the recipient will receive a text message alerting them that they have received a top-up

Recipients must have an active bmobile prepaid account

I haven't noticed any of these International Top Up signs in Toronto and the website doesn't provide a list of locations.......sooooo if you know of a spot or have used this new feature let me know if its worth trying. I would mind topping up my mum or dad's account once in a while. However, I am feeling a little bit sorry for all those people who already have to deal with a thousand and one requests from overseas family members.....Send dis for meh,bring dat for meh. Now they'll be hearing.....Top me up!!! LOL.....bmobile yuh good......

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