Monday, July 28, 2008

My Tribe picks......

Well, after perusing Saucy's pics, as well as pics from for hours.......I have finally decided on my favourite costumes from Tribe's flock.......

Bird of Paradise (Frontline)
Designer: Monique Nobrega

Bird of Paradise (Backline)

Bird of Paradise (Backline)

Next up......
Spangled Cotinga (Frontline)
Designers: Richard & Anthony

Spangled Cotina (Backline)

Spangled Cotina (Backline)

And also.....
Wild Parrot
Designer: Monique Nobrega

When I grow up I want to be in a Frontline costume (F.H.O. itis) but until then I'll have to settle for being a fab "Backline Betty" :-p

Kudos to Saucy for providing us with pics from the launch as it happened. She's so dedicated to her blog fans.....LOVE IT!! She's a blogging queen!!

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