Saturday, July 26, 2008

Carnival Nationz Costume Distribution

Finally......a message from D'Bandit

Ladies and Gentlemen the time is here for 2008. Time to get ready for de road. We at Carnival Nationz are just as excited as you are to get this Pirate ship to sailing on the Lakeshore. I know all you care about right now is where and when is pick up, so lets get to that and finish with the long talk.

We have set aside special days for each section. Pickup begins on Wed July 30th and ends on Fri Aug 1st. For all out of town masqueraders please make sure we know to hold your costume until Friday evening. Please NOTE: At pickup you will recieve all other information pertaining to Caribana day assembly time, location, order of crossing the stage etc. The scheduled time for costume pickup is as follows:

Caribana Wednesday July 30thSextant Horizon (Yellow/Orange), Kacike (Brown), Captain Morgan's (Red), Calico Jack (Black/Pink)6pm - 9pm
Caribana Thursday July 31stTreasure Island (Black/Blue), 6pm - 9pm
Caribana Friday August 1stBaubles and Bullions(Purple and Gold), Shipwreck (Cream), Caw Caw (Green/Gold), Misty Dawn (White)11am - 8pm


  • Please do not show up on days not assigned to your section before your scheduled pickup date. In other words if you are to pick up on Thursday PLEASE do not show up on Wednesday and assume your costume will be ready.
  • There will be no trying on at the mas camp on pickup days. We are also not responsible for alterations. For all minor alterations (as everyone may have) please feel free to do at home or at a professional tailor or seamstress ..thank you in advance for understanding.
  • Lastly if you cannot come to pick up your costume on the assigned date, not to worry, we will hold your costume for you until 8pm Caribana Friday. Please come to the mas camp OUTSIDE the other sections scheduled times. In other words if you are in Kacike and are supposed to come to the mas camp between 6-9pm on Wednesday and cannot make it for that time, then feel free to come anytime between the hours of 10am-4pm Thurs or Friday we will hold your costume until 8pm unless an appointment has been made for special pickup. PLEASE NOTE ALL FINAL PAYMENTS ARE DUE AT PICKUP.

We look forward to meeting you in person once again and jumping with you on de Lake Shore!!!

Not thrilled about my Friday pick up date!! However, Caribana Friday is my day-off from work so I'll be at the mas camp as soon as pick-up starts at 11 a.m.

Shipwreck here I come.....

Photo taken by Karabana


Karabana said...

Hi De Cocoa Panyol, I didn't even know this was here, that you had a blog! :-) Hubby (Trini-in-Toronto) mentioned it... So I see who you played with ;-), but no post about Caribana day???

de cocoa panyol said...

Hi Karabana,

I had intentions of doing a post about Caribana day but somehow I never got to it. This year I hope to be a bit more thorough :-) On another note, did you and the hubby hire the SteelBandits to play at your wedding both look familiar.....

Karabana said...

Just curious what you thought of the on the road experience...
We sure did! Loved them! So that was you with them? :-)

de cocoa panyol said...

Except for the torrential downpour as we were crossing the stage (good grief) I had a great time on the road. I always have fun with CNZ. The only complaint I have every year is about stormers and I wish I could offer some brilliant solution for that but I haven't thought of it yet :-p
And yes....I am a member of the SteelBandits. It was a pleasure to play at your reception!!

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