Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show your support for CARN 98.7 NOW!!!!

GO TO: - and complete the online form.

Hello CARN Supporters,
Now is the time for you to show the CRTC the urgency in granting a radio licence to serve the Black and Caribbean population of Canada.

You can tell the CRTC of your support either at the CARN or CRTC website:

**By CARN Website: Go To -

**By CRTC Website: Go To -

**At the CRTC Website Link, look for: Item #14 -Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc.

**Deadline for Submission of Comments: February 25th.**

The CRTC has set the date of April 1st for the final hearing for CARN's (Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc) application.

On January 28th, the CRTC informed CARN's (Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc.) principal Mr. Fitzroy Gordon that the application has been placed on the agenda of the April 1st hearing in Quebec. This should be the final hurdle for us to receive our official licence to begin broadcasting.

This new licence is even more important now given that there are no more Black owned radio stations. As FLOW 93.5 has recently been sold to CTV-CHUM and programming at CKLN 88.1 will be no more, as this station's licence has been revoked by the CRTC.

Thank you for you continued support. We are ALMOST There!
Fitzroy Gordon

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