Monday, June 7, 2010

CARN 98.7FM Appreciates Your Support

Since CARN started their test broadcast last week I have been an avid listener. I hope you all get a chance to tune into the sweet music! I got this message from the station today:

Hello CARN Listeners

The response to the testing of CARN's proposed new frequency 98.7FM to provide new and insightful programming to the GTA has been encouraging. We appreciate all the feedback we have received. Keep it coming, we need to hear from all our listeners!

Your full support of this test broadcast is needed, in order to show the 'powers that be' that this station is of great interest and is desperately needed in the GTA. So please continue to spread the word, telling others to sharing their comments with via email and also by joining our Facebook group: CARN 98.7FM.

We are aware that the signal strength is not perfect in all areas, we are encountering some interference from a CBC 'repeater' station coming ALL the way out of Peterborough. We are currently working with our engineers overcome these technical challenges. During this testing phase that will last for two more weeks, the signal will be turned off periodically to allow the engineers to make adjustments.

More Music to Come!
We understand that you have been starved for this wonderful music for a very long time and we will be adding a lot more songs to the rotation within the
next couple of days.

NEW website on the Way!
As most of you are aware, we have taken down the old CARN website and we are now in the process of building a new site that will facilitate online streaming so you can continue to listen and get up to date information on the status of our official launch. Please be patient with us, we will let you know as soon as the website is functional.

Thanks for your support, comments, suggestions and inquiries. It is all appreciated. Continue to spread the good news of our on-air testing of 98.7FM.


FB Group:!/group.php?gid=127001320661603

Happy Listening :-)

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