Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue Devil Mas

If I wasn't already playing pretty mas I would be BLUE........:-)


De Cocoa, you're invited to play Jouvert with the BlueDevilMas

Pictures say 1000 words... These say 1 Million

It's really dirty, a lot of fun, a little sexy & an experience of a lifetime!

This is the original Jouvert' experience, we're dedicated to preserving the tradition of the jouvert and The Blue Devils (AKA Jab Molassie).

De Cocoa,
We are confirming players for Blue Devils on Saturday July 31st. 2010 for Caribana, and you said that you wanted to play this year.

As you already know it's $75 to be a Blue Devil the deadline to register is fast approaching.
This year we have 3 convenient payment options:

1st. option:

Easy e-mail money transfer to bluedevilmas@gmail.com
The secret question is: "What are we?" and the answer is "bluedevils"

2nd option:

PayPal click on this paypal link to process your payment.
Remember to print your receipt as proof and bring it with you on Saturday.

3rd option:

Good ole cash.
Shoot me an email and we will arrange a time and place to connect.

De Cocoa, we are looking forward to seeing you on de road, it's going to be very DIRTY, a LOT of FUN a little Sexy and the time of your life :).

For details visit our website or call 416-944-3101


Ricardo said...

Well there is always next year... :D

de cocoa panyol said...

Well said Ricardo :-)

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