Thursday, February 18, 2010

Road March and Band of the Year Results

1. JW and Blaze - Palance - 417
2. Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez - True Lies - 40
3. Machel Montano - No Behaviour - 11


George Bailey Band of the Year (large):
1. Resurrection: The Mas—Mac Farlane
2. Festivals of the World—Trini Revellers
3. Masala—Legacy
4. Matrix—Showtime Trinidad
5. The Spice Route—Spice Carnival Band

Harold Saldenah Band of the Year (medium):
1. Tribute—Ronnie and Caro—The Mas Band
2. The Journey—Rosalind Gabriel and Village Production
3. Call Dat George—D Midas T&T
4. Salvaje—D Krewe
5. Fire and Ice—Trevor Wallace and Associates

Lil Hart Band of the Year (small):
1. Inner Circle of the Pow Pow—Tribal Connection
2. Music—De BOSSà
3. Pirates and Plunderers—The Belmont Jewels
4. Cobo Town—Cat In Bag Production
5. A Traditional Fiesta—The Original Jab Jab

Mack Copeland Band of the Year (mini):
1. Hatching Blue Devil—Rhapsody In Blue
2. Path Finder—Henry Ramdin and Associates
3. The “Premonts” Over and Beyond the Horizon—Something’s Out There
4. Apache Land—Village People
5. Ah Playing Wicked Jab Jab—2001 Jab Malassie


Individual of the Year—male:
1. D’ Head Hunter—Keith Tinto
2. King Clown Clowning Around—Albert Lewis
3. The Prince of Babtunde—Jackie Cumberbatch
4. Moon Over Venice—Mark Peno
5. Ceremonial Drummer—Aldalcio Lewis

Individual of the Year—female:
1. Dry Savannah—Elizabeth Thomas
2. Mother of Bambara—Alendra Bailey
3. Hit Me With Music—Michelle Waldron
4. Chyan Princess —Lorraine Farrell
5. Turaga-Vakama Keeper Of The Gates To The Beyond—Nakisha Mc Gillivery

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