Dimanche Gras - Calypso Monarch Finalists

Selvon Noel – Mr Shak – Rogue

Carlos James – Skatie – A Cry For Life

Hollis Liverpool - Chalkdust -

Winston Scarborough – De Original De Fosto Himself – In A Palace State of Mind

Michael Legerton – Protector – My Vision

Sandra Des Vignes Millington – Singing Sandra – No Child Shall Be LeftBehind

Devon Seale – De Sharer Strikes

Brian London – A Calypsonian

Sean Daniel – God Is Love

Ann Marie Cudjoe-Parks – Twiggy – Give Thanks

Anthony Hendrickson – All Rounder – Female Lifeguard

Roderick Gordon – Mr Chucky – A People’s National Movement

Kizzy Ruiz – Aide Haiti

Nicole Greaves – Where the Lions Are?

Kurt Allen – Too Bright


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