Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 Toronto Carnival Band Directory

Hi readers,

🎼It's your time NOW!!!🎼
The mas bands have done their part. 
Band leaders have chosen their themes, designers have worked tirelessly on their drawings, section leaders have organized production, band launches have been held for your delight.

Now its your turn...doh stick!!!

Its time for you to
Find ah Band 
Choose ah Section 
Play ah Mas!!!

We are celebrating 50 years of our caribbean culture in Toronto! 

Lets proudly display it all to Canada!

Here is your 2017 Toronto Carnival Band Directory (in alphabetical order):

2017 Presentation: "THE ORIGINS OF CARNIVAL"
Band Leader: Akil Heywood
Mas Camp Address: 2180 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, ON 

Website: www.atlanticmas.com
Facebook: Atlantic Mas Toronto
Twitter: @atlanticmas
Instagram: atlanticmastoronto
Email: contactus@atlanticmas.com
Phone: 647-884-8426


2017 Presentation: "OH CANADA"
Band Leaders: Bryce Aguiton & Marcus Eustace
Mas Camp Address: 71 Dynamic Drive, Scarborough, ON

Mas Camp Hours: Weekdays 6-10 PM; Weekends 12-8 PM
Website: www.carnival-nationz.com
Facebook: Carnival Nationz
Twitter: @CNzInc
Instagram: cnzinc
Email: info@carnival-nationz.com


2017 Presentation: "INTO 'D' FUTURE"
Band Leader: Whitfield Belasco
Mas Camp Address: 1747 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON

Website: www.conceptcostumecreators.com
Facebook: Concept Costume Creators
Email: conceptcostumescreators@gmail.com
Phone: 647-308-3959


2017 Presentation: "50 SHADES BRIGHTER"
Band Leader: Michael Williams
Mas Camp Address: 4234 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, ON

Website: www.dregulars.com

Facebook: D'Regulars
Twitter: @DeRegulars
Instagram: deregulars
Email: deregularsmasqueraders@gmail.com
Phone: 416-565-9688


2017 Presentation: "CANBOULAY"
Band Leader: Jerrol Augustine
Mas Camp Address: 730 Military Trail, Scarborough, ON 

Mas Camp Hours: Monday-Thursday 5-10 PM, Friday 5 PM-12 AM, Saturday 2 PM-12 AM, Sunday 2-9 PM 
Website: www.durhammas.com
Facebook: Durham Mas
Twitter: @DurhamMas
Instagram: durham_mas
Email: durhammas@gmail.com
Phone: 416-618-1302


2017 Presentation: "BEYOND"
Band Leader: Will Morton and Lisa Morton
Mas Camp Address: 116 Howden Road, Unit #7, Scarborough, ON

Mas Camp Hours: Weekdays 6-10 PM, Weekends 2-10 PM
Website: www.fantaziainternational.net
Facebook: Fantazia Carnival
Twitter: @FANTAZIA_Mas
Instagram: fantazia_carnival
Email: fantazia_09@hotmail.com
Phone: 289-888-1247


2017 Presentation: "CELEBRATION TIME"
Band Leader: Louis Saldenah
Mas Camp Address: Malvern Town Center, 31 Tapscott Road, Unit #98C, Scarborough, ON (right beside Planet Fitness)

Mas Camp Hours: Weekdays 1-10 PM; Weekends 1-10 PM

Website: www.saldenahcarnival.com
Facebook: Saldenah Mas Band
Twitter: @TeamSaldenah
Instagram: teamsaldenah
Email: info.saldenah@gmail.com


2017 Presentation: "ILLUSIONS OF REALITY"
Band Leader: Dwayne Gunness
Mas Camp Address: 80 Midwest Road, Scarborough, ON

Mas Camp Hours: Monday-Thursday 1-9 PM, Fri & Saturday 1-11 PM, Sunday 1-7 PM
Website: www.sunlime.ca
Facebook: Sunlime Canada
Twitter: @sunlimemas
Instagram: sunlimemas
Email: info@sunlime.ca
Phone: 416-990-7112


2017 Presentation: "MUSIC: LET THE RHYTHM MOVE YOU"
Band Leader: Jamaal Magloire
Mas Camp Address: 851 Milner Avenue, Toronto, ON

Mas Camp Hours: Monday Closed, Tuesday-Thursday 6-9 PM, Friday 6-10 PM, Weekends 3-8 PM
Website: www.torontorevellers.com
Facebook: Toronto Revellers
Twitter: @torevellers
Instagram: torontorevellers
Email: info@torontorevellers.com
Phone: 416-284-4040


2017 Presentation: "AS ONE NATION"
Band Leader: Dexter Seusahai
Mas Camp Address: 3401 McNicoll Avenue, Unit 8, Scarborough, ON

Mas Camp Hours: 4-9 PM Everyday
Website: tribalcarnival.com
Facebook: Tribal Carnival
Twitter: @TribalCarnival_
Instagram: tribalcarnival
Email:  tribal.carnivalcsr@gmail.com
Phone: 647-997-1867


2017 Presentation: "KANG KA TANG"
Band Leader: Hayden Joseph
MasCamp Address: 55 Nugget Ave, Unit 10, Scarborough, ON

MasCamp Hours: Weekdays 6-10 PM, Weekends 2-10 PM
Website: www.venomcarnival.com
Facebook: VenomCarnival
Twitter: @venom_carnival
Instagram: @venomcarnival
Email: info@venomcarnival.com
Phone: 647-295-5563

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