Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Toronto Carnival News - Carnival Angelz and Callaloo

So are Callaloo and D'Bandit teaming up for 2013 Toronto Carnival?  This morning's Trinidad Carnival Diary post caused me to wander over to the Carnival Angelz website where I found this news release....
D'Bandit jumps Carnival Nationz ship to bring Angelz to Callaloo Mas
Toronto, Canada - Tuesday January 8th, 2013 - With the start of a new year comes great expectations, resolutions, and a universally recognized moment where one can wipe the slate clean and re-invent. Taking full advantage of this moment, Callaloo Mas Band has confirmed recent speculations of a collaboration with Toronto’s newest carnival brand, Carnival Angelz Inc.
Who is Carnival Angelz? A subsidiary of D’Bandit Enterprises, Carnival Angelz represents years of international experience in Caribbean entertainment. Under the leadership of Dwayne (D’Bandit) Pitt, Carnival Angelz is proving to be the new era of Toronto Mas.
Determined to shed Toronto Carnival of its status quo state and usher in a season of ‘Rebirth’, Marlon Singh (Callaloo Band Owner) shares - "It's not enough to coast on our past success; there’s room in Toronto to broaden creative possibilities… We’ve recognized our limitations and in order to continue building Toronto’s Mas Culture, we're expanding our family to include Carnival Angelz.”
For nearly a decade members of the newly formed, Carnival Angelz have been at the forefront of many creative masquerade ventures. Among these initiatives, is the influential role played in branding the popular, Carnival Nationz. Dwayne’s team has presented many stunning costumes during his span with the multiple 'Band of The Year’ winning organization - the most impressive being large elegant ‘Angel Wings’ inspired by Victoria’s Secrets, Angels. After playing a major role in securing consecutive ‘Band of the Year’ titles in the last two years (2011 + 2012), Carnival Anglez has jumped the Carnival Nationz ship both satisfied and victorious.
Echoing, Marlon Singh’s sentiments on present limitations and creative possibilities, Dwayne Pitt shares,“Carnival Angelz is a brand built on years of trial and error. Just as we acknowledge our shortfalls, we continue to challenge our formula for success.” When asked, what masqueraders can expect from Callaloo this year, Mr. Pitt eagerly offers – Toronto’s first eco-friendly paperless billing system, modern costumes designed by Designing Darryl, as well as the creative expertise of international (King and Queen) designer, Curtis Eustace (10-Time Trinidad and Tobago King of The Bands).
As the official brand behind Callaloo Mas, the Carnival Angelz creative team will lead the production of Callaloo’s 2013 Toronto Carnival presentation, ‘Rebirth’.
With an online presence already established, curious masqueraders can view teaser art by visitinghttp://www.carnivalangelz.com/index.php. You can also get instant updates via social networks athttp://facebook.com/carnivalangelz and http://twitter.com/carnivalangelz

I'm looking forward to seeing what the Carnival Angelz brand will bring to Callaloo's 2013 presentation - Rebirth.  (I imagine some wings might be involved).  All will be revealed on the band launch date - Saturday, April 20, 2013....mark your calendars and check out the Carnival Angelz website in the meantime - http://www.carnivalangelz.com 


Anonymous said...

Very interesting since Shanah and Dwayne haven't ever designed a costume of their own. 2011 Angel was designed by Lizz Dahlin (not Darlin) and Marcus Eustace and in 2012 Rio was designed by Darryl.

It is interesting that since 2009 each of their sections designed by them have been scrapped due to the lack in creativity.

Their lack in creativity is shown in the name of their band and the fact that they will have the band launch on the same day as Sally!

Anonymous said...

I went to carnivalnationz.com today and the site is down smh...they need to get their act together. They are already falling apart

Jayson said...

The site is down cause Dwayne took it down before he left Carnival Nationz. He is very spiteful!

Anonymous said...

Any updates on Angelz? No launch? no website?

de cocoa panyol said...

I can't find any updated information about Callaloo or Carnival Angelz! Anybody know what's going on?

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