Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kuumba - February 3-5, 2012

Black History is next month and the event schedule for 
Kuumba at Harbourfront Centre is available on their website: http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/kuumba/events.cfm?festival_id=99

Exploring African roots through a 21st-century perspective.

Plato said that through perspective “every sort of confusion is revealed within us; and this is that weakness of the human mind on which the art of conjuring and of deceiving by light and shadow and other ingenious devices imposes, having an effect upon us like magic.”
This year we explore Black History Month, going back to the African roots and show these roots through our 21-century perspective. Where are we on the journey? What has changed? What hasn’t changed? How do we share our perspectives on issues affecting the black community?
With artist showcases, discussion panels, storytelling, a fashion workshop with Stacey Mackenzie, drumming, hip hop and dance workshops, games, and a village market, we will celebrate these roots through the art of light and shadow, and keep them en perspectiva.
Barbara de la Fuente
Dalton Higgins

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