Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Socacize Lifestyle Challenge!!!!

Don't just Exercise - Socacize!

Socacize Fitness is launching the SocaCize Lifestlyle Challenge — a six-week workout and Caribbean meal plan guaranteed to help participants lose 10 pounds in less than three months.”

For the uninitiated, Socacize is the exhilarating Caribbean workout founded by Ayanna Lee Rivears.

“I’m so excited that we’re finally launching this program,” Lee-Rivears says in a press release. “We’ve been planning this one for some time and we’re looking forward to working with the participants to help them realize their weight loss and lifestyle goals.”
The challenge kicks off this summer for Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, with registration opening June 9th.
Aside from being a simple workout program with a Caribbean meal plan, we want to educate women on style and fashion as well as help them build self-confidence and self-esteem through the style and beauty advice offered by our image consultant.

The program will be measured based on the following results:

· Before and after shots
· Inches lost
· Weight comparisons
· Participation

Program Outline
18 intense and entertaining sessions over 6 weeks
  • 6 boot-camp sessions once per week at any location – 2 hour classes
  • 12 regular class sessions (attend twice per week at any location) – 1 hour classes
  • A personalize Caribbean meal plan that will allow you to achieve your goals of a more fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Nutrition seminar to provide information on healthy eating habits
  • Image consultant seminar based on retraining your mind and attitude to a wining philosophy
  • Ongoing access to Socacize team to assist with keeping on track with fitness goals
  • A SocaCize Lifestyle Challenge booklet

Celebrate your new lifestyle with Socacize at the end of the challenge atFLAUNT parties (VIP access).

Cost $275
SPECIAL Introductory offer - ONLY $250 ---- SAVE $25!!

Missed class
A makeup class will take place ONLY in the event that a class is cancelled.
Refund Policy
A full refund can be issued 1 week prior to class commencement.
NO REFUNDS will be issued once the session has begun.
Sessions are non transferable.


  • In person at Socacize Bootcamp locations

Socacize Fitness Inc.
416-728-5545 I 1-888-552-SOCA
www.socacize.com I info@socacize.com
Follow Socacize Fitness on Twitter for daily updates on classes, etc.

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