Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Mas Band Alert - De Party Brigade

Hi Readers, I stumbled upon De Party Brigade while browsing through Facebook for 2011 Caribana info. Its seems like we have another new band for Caribana and this one has Grenadian spice!


Our group, De Party Brigade, consists of a group of men from Grenada who have the same goal in common. All of our members are active DJ’s and Promoters within the community who also have 10 years experience DJ’ing in the Caribana parade. In previous years, we have had the opportunity to work with band leaders such as Courtney Douldron and Arnold Hughes independently. Some of our members are also members of the Spice Isle Association and the organizers of J’Ouvert 2010.

De Party Brigade was formed so that our group can come together and form a band to showcase our Grenadian culture and talent in the Caribana parade and festivities. Since the beginning of Caribana in 1967, there has never been a band that represents the island of Grenada. There is a lot of beautiful Grenadian culture and the world has not had the opportunity to experience this at Caribana.

Our community has approached us and is highly anticipating and requesting that we come together and make the addition of Grenada in to the Caribana parade possible. For the past 43 years Grenadians participating in Caribana have played mas with other countries bands and we as a group would like to allow our Grenadians the chance to have their own band and culture in the Caribana parade. With your help we hope to make this possible for Caribana 2011.

Please look out for all of our exciting fund raising events coming up that will assist in making this possible.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please make it clear that this is not an official band but a guest band. it is important that we do not mislead maqueraders. they seem to be approaching people as though they are a band like the others which they are not.

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