Thursday, March 4, 2010

Caribana Excitement

Is anybody else super-excited about the upcoming Caribana Band Launch Season??? I can't wait for it to start. Any little piece of news from the mascamps sends me into tizzy. In keeping with that, here's some info from the Saldenah crew.......the launch date is May 8, 2010 and will be held at Embers Banquet Hall

Here is the list of section leaders, names and colours for their 2010 presentation "Portraits".......

Dr Jay – Portraits of Innocence…. White

Anton Saldenah – Portraits of Grape and Wine… Purple / Dark Red

Ronnie Clarke – Portraits of Falling Angels…. Red /Black

Allisha Ali – Portrait of Off Lovers….. Pink / Bronze

Soca 101 – Portrait of Painters Pallet….. Rainbow Colours

Jennelle Rachael – Portrait of Paradise….. Turquoise / Beige / Gold

Bryant Sinanan – Portrait of The True North Strong And Free. Oh Canada!…… Silver / White / Red

Karen Jones – Portrait of a Rose….. Pink and Turquoise

Curtis Atchsion – Portrait of Celestal Light…… Black Iris / Silver

Winston/Xpats – Portrait of Autumn….. Gold / Orange

Curtis Eustace – Portrait of India….. Red / Green / Trim with gold.

Curtis Eustace - Portrait of Indonesia…. Peach/Orange/ trim

I like the idea of a turquoise/beige/gold combination......looking forward to seeing the designs.

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