Monday, November 23, 2009

Crave Mas to True Dynasty

Hey Readers,

Here is a Caribana update for 2010.......

What's Up All???

So those of you who have been keeping in touch know that we have been doing a lot of networking and traveling in order to become the best at what we do in order to give you the best of what we offer. Soooo, just to give you a couple updates.

So! To start things off, for those that don't know, we have a new name! True DYNASTY will be the name to look out for from now on. It's meaning is powerful and a DYNASTY is what we are here to create! (look it up if you don't get it) We have many things that we are already working on in order to serve you better and to give you more out of your experience.
Second, we would like to announce that we will be having a BAND in the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival. Their carnival takes place during their Memorial Day weekend which is the weekend after our Victoria weekend. The reason we are letting you know this far in advance is because we would like to extend an invitation to ALL of you to come out and jump up with us!!!! YES YES you heard right!!! If you've ever wanted to take a trip to HOTLANTA now is your chance!! We will be organizing a bus trip at a very LOW COST which will include hotel accommodations right in the heart of Atlanta in a 5 star hotel and participating in the parade with us! You will have a choice of wearing a costume or t-shirt. If you played with us this past summer for Caribana you can wear your costume! We will also have costumes for sale so no worries!
Please remember that in order to cross the border you MUST have a passport so get on it from now!!!!
In the meantime...stay tuned for MORE big announcements and enjoy the holidays! Live life to its fullest and smile EVERYDAY!
*Thea* & Dario

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