Monday, March 23, 2009

Mas news from Ian Andre Espinet

A girlfriend once told me that there's no allegiances in mas... Consequently, like the NBA or any other major sport, key players move from team to team - and in this case, camp to camp in an attempt maximize their chances of winning the coveted title...

My journey into mas comes from a family tradition and history of both building and playing mas, but my first personal foray into the latter came a couple years back when my Dad and I first brought a section with Marlon Singh's Callaloo. In our first year there, Callaloo won the coveted title of Band of the Year. 2 years later, we joined Jamaal Magloire's young promising band the Toronto Revellers. The band went on to win 2 years straight, and after an amazing run with a great band, we've decided to move on once again.

This year, my Dad and I have decided to go with Tribal Knights - run by Dexter who goes back with my Dad to Louis Saldenah days, and whom I met first at Callaloo. Together, with 8 other section leaders, we're out to take BAND OF THE YEAR...

This year's theme is BIRDS OF PARADISE. If you've never played mas, or are a seasoned veteran, I urge you to come out and check out the costumes on Saturday April 25th.

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