Carnival Nationz 2009 Theme

Carnival Nationz revealed their theme for Caribana 2009 at the Appreciation Fete last night at Hickory House. For 2009 Carnival Nationz will be presenting "In Full Bloom......Fruits & Flowers". More to be revealed next year.

* CNZ will be No. 5 on de road
* Next CNZ fete is January 17th, 2009


How do they know that they are position number 5 already? Do you have a list of all the band positions for 2009?
de cocoa panyol said…
My guess and hope is that Caribana is becoming more organized and positions were picked very early at an organizational meeting.
I don't know what the other band positions are yet but I'll keep checking the Caribana website for any updates.
The Sweet 7 said…
Yippee! I played with them for the first time last year. ... And I plan to do it again this year!
de cocoa panyol said…
I'll see you on the Lakeshore Sweet 7!!
Anonymous said…
oh gosh, number FIVE.
why so late. I played with them the first time in 08 and i like to get on the road early. Looks like it could be interesting as a theme.
Anonymous said…
I also played with them last year too, i cannot wait until this year!
Anonymous said…
See it this way: being #5 means we got to spend more time on de road than the first band!

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