Friday, July 15, 2011

Toronto Lime - Nadia Batson to make TT history with All-Female Soca Band

Nadia Batson to make TT history with All-Female Soca Band

There's been nothing like it in Trinidad and Tobago. It's an idea that's fresh and filled with possibility. It has started off with one Caribbean songstress and promises to unleash some eight to 10 beautiful and talented female musicians onto the music scene. Nadia Batson is the woman behind it all.

Come 2012, Carnival island will see the emergence of it's first ever all-female soca band and according to Batson, the energy will be electrifying. The plunge, while somewhat daring comes at the right time, according to the Caribbean Girl vocalist.
Her idea?... to shake things up a bit, create a stir and showcase women in a way they've never quite been seen before. She wants to create a one of a kind product within the realm of T&T's entertainment tradition and she's going to use feminine appeal to do it just how she envisions. "I'm about to launch a new band, with a new sound- fully powered by women!," she laughed, but Nadia is not kidding.
The recent circulation of news that a top entertainer out of Trinidad and Tobago was scouting for female talent in the form of vocalists, dancers and instrumentalists, came from Batson's camp. On July 17, the final leg of auditions for all three categories of artisans takes place at the Ken Galt room, Centre of Excellence in Trinidad. According to Batson, the response has been tremendous. Her excitement is real and her ambitions are plenty as she looks forward to establishing a group of young, dynamic, impressionable women who are talented and are willing to share their talents with the world. "This is not about Nadia Batson," she said, "It's about showcasing a group of women who can thrill audiences with their talent, their eccentricity and charisma. I want the members of this group to all be known and I want us all to share the spotlight," she said excitedly.

Even as auditions continue, Batson has already announced that the women of her new band, whoever they will be- will be catered to by local and international stylists to ensure that every stage appearance is mind blowing, creative and adds value to the show. Her aim is to offer a top-notch stage production filled with creative dynamism, all with a touch of feminine appeal. She says she believes this has been missing somewhat, and promises that she will be the first to bring entertainment of this nature, to the stages of carnival events come 2012.

Batson said she will continue to fulfill all previously booked commitments with Kes The Band and while she acknowledged the greatness of being a part of the group, she said she's confident that she can inspire a fresh sense of Caribbean flair to the region's music circuit.
Information on the auditions carded for this Sunday, July 17, can be obtained by or calling 763-6701.

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