Saturday, January 31, 2009


Socacize Fans!!!

Check out this email from Ayanna regarding the upcoming special Carnival Bootcamp session happening this Tuesday, February 3......

Hi Socacize ladies!

I just wanted to say, keep up the hard work in these classes and thanks for keeping my energy pumping!

The SOCACIZE Carnival Boot-camp class will feature a special session with Dr Jay de Soca Prince on Tuesday, February 3, at Tropicana Community Services (670 Progress Avenue, Unit 14) from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 ish.

Prepare for a one-hour SOCA jam! Get a dose of the amount of stamina required for Trinidad Carnival whether you are going or not.

There will be a limbo competition and prizes for the best endurance such as tickets to Dr. Jay’s DCAL and one free SOCACIZE™ DVD! (Visit for more info on SOCACIZE™ DVD).

Special Offer for You Socacize ladies.
Tell your family and friends to come out! Cost is $5.00 for non-registered boot-camp participants. Please bring your own mats and a pair of weights or (food cans) just in case I may not have enough.

Are you ready to sweat?

See you all there!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chutney Soca Monarch Finalists.....

  1. Denyse Plummer
  2. Rikki Jai
  3. Patch and Mastamind
  4. Ravi B (of Karma)
  5. Soca Elvis
  6. Lalchan “Hunter” Babwah
  7. Neshan “Hitman” Prabhoo
  8. Kenneth Salick

The two other finalists are Synergy TV Chutney 2008 Star winner Rajin Dhanraj and bmobile wild card entrant Asha Kamachee.

The finals are scheduled for February 7th at Skinner's Park, San Fernando.


Winterlicious wordmark

WINTERLICIOUS starts today and runs to February 12. Hope you made your reservation at your favourite Toronto restaurant.

If you haven't, check the link for participating restaurants:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chutney Soca Monarch Semi-Finalists

In order of appearance: Moses Charles, Nisha Ramsook, Shiva Lakhan, Anslem Douglas, Daddy Chinee, Edward Ramdass, Irvin Blackman, Kenneth Supersad, Asha Kamachee, Navin Prabhoo, Lalchan Babwah-Hunter, Michael Salloum - Soca Elvis, Ravi Bissambhar, Ravi Babooram, Aaron Jeewansingh, Carlene Wells, Rocky Outar, Neval Bissambhar, O'Neil Bhajman, Denyse Plummer, Rick Ramoutar, Ann Pittie, Sarika Mahabir, Kenneth Salick, Devika Ram, Rikki Jai, Neeshad Sultan, Adesh Samaroo, Heeralal Rampartap, Kerron Tyron Williams Patch and Master Mind, Neeshan Hitman Prabhoo, Ryan Estrada.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soca Monarch Semi-Finalists

The Power Soca Monarch semi-finalists are Anslem Douglas, Benjai, Berbis, Blaxx, Blaze and JW, Blazer Dan, Choppa, Fay Ann Lyons, Ivy, Iwer George, Jermeeka Mundy, King of Swag TC, Knycky Cordner, Lil Bits, Nadia Batson, Ninjitsu, Nnika Francis, Olatunji, Patrice Roberts, Russel Cadogan, Shurwayne Winchester, Soca Tech, Terri Lyons, Tony Prescott, Trevor Gore and Tyra Matthews.

The Groovy Soca Monarch semi-finalists are Alicia Lee, Ansel Joseph, Benjai, Biggie Irie, Blaxx, Cassie, Cedonia, Chucky, Edwin Yearwood, Erphaan Alves, Esther Dyer, Farmer Nappy, Fay Ann Lyons, Fire Ball, Gary Jackson, Hunter, Iwer George, Kerwin Du Bois, Patch, Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts, Pelf, Peter Ram, Sean Caruth, Shal Marshall, Shyann Bailey, Skhi, Sugar Raye, Tracey D, Tizzy, Zan and Zoleah

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Socacize News

Great news for all you Socacize fans.......The Socacize DVD is now available!!!

For those of you who have never heard of Socacize here's a little description taken from the Socacize website......

A creative blend of high & low impact aerobics, African and indigenous Caribbean dance movements performed to Calypso, Soca, Zouk, Reggae music and on occasion drums.

In my words Socacize is just FUN, FUN, FUN.....the best time I've ever had working out!!

The DVD workout features 4 sections:

1) Chutney Bacchanal Warm UP

2) Cardio Soca Jam

3) Wine & Tone

4) Groovy Stretch

Cost is $19.99 and can be ordered online.

Check out the link for all the details and a preview of the DVD:


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Phoenix Mas Band

I spotted this info on Facebook the other day......a litte Caribana news.

Phoenix Mas Band (The official Jamaican float) will be partnering with Vincy Foreign Based, Blue Devil Mas, Guy-Can Revellers, R & B in D'City, Soca 101, and N2 for the 2009 Scotiabank Caribana Parade. This collective will be parading down Toronto's Lakeshore Boulevard as band #12.
Our theme is: MAS HYSTERIA.
Our Section: DISTURBIA

Check out the Facebook group:


Have you noticed a lot of new soca songs talking about "Daggering"?? Well I for one had now idea what it means so I sent my BFF on a mission to find out what Daggering means.

Here's what he found:

Daggering / Daggaring

This is a Dancehall.Mobi definition of a term or phrase that is popular in the dancehall and / or in the lyrics of Jamaican deejays and singers.

What is daggering? Some call it “dry sex” on the dance floor of a dance or party, but daggering is where a man and woman are dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which usually includes them simulating various sexual positions, and often times, rough sex, to the beat of whatever music is playing at the time. In recent times, dancehall artistes RDX and Mr. Vegas have both released daggering songs in tribute to the newly accepted name for an action / activity that has been present in Jamaica’s dancehalls for many years.

So there you go.....that's daggering for you!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Mighty Duke....the passing of an Icon

Check the Guardinan and Express for tribute articles:

Damn.......its COLD!!!

Brrrr.......Toronto is in the under a cold snap for the next couple of days.....damn that Arctic air!!!! My decision to skip Carnival 2Kwine is starting to weigh heavily upon me :-(

Anyway, do you know how to identify frostbite or frostnip??? I checked out for some tips on how to deal with the frosty conditions:


This is a mild form, where only the skin freezes. It can appear yellowish or white, but feels soft if touched. It's accompanied by a painful tingling or burning sensation.

What you should do

Warm the afflicted area gradually. Putting it under hot water or hot air could cause a burn - and you may not be able to feel it before it's too late. Try not to rub or massage the area, which could cause further damage.

Generally, frostnip isn't serious and is easily cured when you get out of the cold.


A more extreme form of the cold, it can have far more serious consequences. In this case, both the skin and the underlying tissues are affected, making your flesh look white and waxy and feel hard when touched.

But chances are you won't be able to feel those touches - the area usually goes completely numb.


  • Redness or pain
  • White or grayish-yellow skin
  • Skin feels firm or waxy
  • Numbness

What you should do

As before, gradually warm the area, using either body heat or warm (not hot) water. Beware of burning the skin, especially since you can't feel anything right away.

Avoid rubbing or massaging the affected area and if the sensation doesn't return soon, seek medical attention.

There are also other things you should know before medical attention comes along. Among them:

Put your hands someplace warm - like under your armpits. This will help get them back to normal temperature.

Do not rub the areas with snow. This is a myth and will make the problem worse.

Try not to thaw out if you plan on going out again right away. This could make your frostbite worse.

Remember, it doesn't happen often but untreated frostbite can lead to amputation if the damage is too severe.

Warding off winter

According to the city of Toronto, here's some other things you can do to prevent the season from getting the bite on you:

Maintain a heated environment (City law requires landlords to maintain an adequate heat level of 20 degrees Celsius/68 degrees Fahrenheit between September 15 and June 1 of each year).

Wear layers of warm, dry clothing, including hats and gloves.

Be aware of hypothermia (body temperature of 35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees Fahrenheit or less). Signs include stiff muscles, puffy face, slurred speech, shivering uncontrollably, slowed breathing, poor physical condition and mental confusion. If these signs are recognized, call 911.

Drink non-alcoholic beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup.

Some prescription drugs may increase vulnerability to cold. Check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Be aware of elderly and disabled people living alone; offer assistance if necessary.

Don't use your oven as a heating device. All space heaters are a fire risk if used improperly.


My TTC Alerts

The TTC is now providing its customers with email alerts of any disruptions in their service.

By registering with My TTC e-Alerts you can choose to receive convenient and important service alerts by email. My TTC e-Alerts are real-time email notices that keep you informed of all major subway and RT service disruptions.

In the near future, you will be able to customize My TTC e-Alerts to your usual surface, subway or RT route, and days/times that you typically travel. That way, you only receive notices of delays that affect you.

Check out the website to register for My TTC e-Alerts:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Machel in 2009

The Trinidad and Tobago Express featured an interesting article this Sunday about Machel and his plans for 2009:
CARNIVAL CONCEPT: Soca Superstar, Machel Montano will beat a "Heavenly Drum" this Carnival as he prepares for two installments of his annual concert series, The Alternative Concept. AC7: Heavenly Drums will take place on Saturday February 14, while the junior version for children will take place on February 7 at venues to-be-announced.

CCN TV6 will soon begin airing a new television series entitled The HD Family Workout, which will focus on Montano and his band of musicians, performers and dancers, as they prepare for the busy season ahead in the gym at Long Circular Mall, St James. This series will feature health and diet advice and routines and is just one component of an additional meaning which Montano recently added to his HD moniker: Human Development.
In the interest of human development, Montano will soon launch a children's book entitled Boy Boy and The Magic Drum, which was illustrated by Kenneth Scott and conceptualised by Natascha Jones and Dawn Cumberbatch of Doo Doo Darling Productions, alongside Anthony Chow Lin On and Montano himself. The book will serve as a map to Montano's latest production: a children's musical, which is being touted as the junior version to The Alternative Concept and will feature an all star cast of 100 actors, dancers and performers. This show is being produced by award-winning theatre director Mervyn de Goeas.

Click on the link for the complete article

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bring Soca to MySpace

Soca Therapy's Nurse Karen has started a a fabulous campaign for soca music lovers.

Karen is a Toronto-based writer who has performed original spoken word poetry since 1995. She is a graduate of McGill U. and the U. of King’s College where she earned degrees in Political Science and Journalism

Karen offers insider information to a weekly entertainment commentary on Soca Therapy called The Rounds. That's where you can find "Nurse Karen", a fun-loving Caribbean music lover, who knows everything about everyone!

New Campaign Urges to Create a Soca Music Category

Toronto, Canada - A new advocacy campaign was launched yesterday to officially list soca as a musical genre on the internet entertainment portal, The initiative entitled Bring Soca to MySpace is lobbying to make it easy for fans to browse soca music online and interact with their favourite personalities.

Bring Soca to MySpace has four main aims:

  • · The creation of a Soca category in MySpace Music
  • · The featuring of Soca artist profiles on the site splash page
  • · The inclusion of editorial relating to Anglo-Caribbean music
  • · The creation of a MySpace Caribbean regional English-language sub-site.

At present, MySpace considers the Caribbean to fit under the umbrella of Latin America. Therefore Caribbean users often login to into a Spanish-language interface featuring the latest in Reggaeton and Latin Pop. Organizers believe that the end result of the above recommendations will create a win-win situation for the soca music industry, fans and MySpace alike.

"Every other style of Western music is up there," says campaign organizer and Caribbean entertainment writer Nurse Karen , "We are simply asking MySpace to give soca artists the respect they deserve. Artists already use site, but they have to describe their sounds as Reggae, Tropical, Fusion or Zouk. There is no category that represents them. As a result, Soca artists never have the chance rise to the top of MySpace music charts. Soca is way bigger than that, so the time is now for a change."

The non-partisan campaign, officially endorsed by (Nurse) Karen (Etc) and Soca Therapy, Canada's #1 Soca radio program, asks for the grassroots support of all Caribbean media outlets, entertainment professionals and music fans.

Supporters may assist in the following ways:

  • · Post or circulate this media release and campaign poster
  • · Join Bring Soca to MySpace in Myspace Groups
  • · Email MySpace in support
  • · Encourage contacts to join the Bring Soca to MySpace group
  • · Add your logo to future versions of the poster

For more information, to get involved or to join the Bring Soca to MySpace group please visit:

To send an email to MySpace in support of the campaign

  • · All emails must be addressed to:
  • · The subject line must read: Re: Media - Not listed [ref:00D78NrS.50077iea4:ref]
  • · An effective support letter should list your name, age group, occupation, country and reasons for supporting the campaign

To get your logo added to campaign posters:

Send an email describing your affiliation, along with an attached .jpg to

For media inquiries, to receive an updated list of sponsors, or print quality version of the poster:

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